Tuesday, February 12, 2019

10 Reasons I Would Die In a Zombie Apocalypse Or End Of the World Situation

Hi Foxy Friends! I know silly subject, but I thought, you guys would really want to know this, haha! Fact about me and Mr: If there is a zombie, end of the world, aliens trying to take over the world, we have watched it. It all started with 28 days later, and we've been hooked ever since. Now with Netflix, the options are abundant. They like them a good end of the world movie. So here are 10 reasons I would not survive a Zombie Apocalypse/End of the World situation:


| ONE | I have to pee every 5 seconds, seriously, in those movies these people NEVER pee. I can imagine it, I'm running from the zombies and have to stop to go pee, DEAD.

| TWO | Which brings me to running...yes I run, but running at full speed for any length of time longer than 30 seconds...I'm out. We were watching What Still Remains on Netflix and girlfriend seemed to run for a LONG time with a backpack away from the bad guy. DEAD.

| THREE | Weapons, don't know how to really use them or efficiently. DEAD.

| FOUR | If I did know how to use a weapon and happened to score an animal have no idea how to create fire without matches nor how to clean it. DEAD.

| FIVE | I assume all berries growing on plants are poison. So basically I can't pick food, I can't kill it, so DEAD.

| SIX | I trust people too easily. They say they won't hurt me and will share the food I have managed to gather...yep I'll trust ya. DEAD

   Side Note: I would NOT have let that guy in the house in Bird Box, she was crazy to let that guy in!

| SEVEN |  Speaking of trust, I don't think I could hit anyone to get something I wanted...like punch someone in the face? Although I might if my life was in danger? Not sure, but as it stands right now, I don't think I could. DEAD.

| EIGHT | Bad under pressure, I'm pretty sure hiding behind that desk and then moving around it as the alien is on the other side...there is no way I am silent in my crying or moving. DEAD.

| NINE | Going back to the food thing, I get squeamish with having to eat living insects, I'm not sure I could...maybe in life or death situation, which this is...but really not sure if I could. DEAD.

| TEN | Showers are few and far between, I can't stand being dirty, and there probably isn't dry shampoo, problematic. OH and when they do find a river or lake and it's freezing outside and they just hop in to wash off, I am such a WIMP when it comes to being cold. So now I'm dirty, hungry and cold, can't start a fire or fetch food. DEAD.

Bonus: So Mr. and I are watching a zombie movie and I realize we ONLY have filtered water, we stopped buying bottled water, save plastic, blah blah, reusable bottles. So if the end of the world was going to happen, we would have no water, so you better believe I bought a flat of water at Costco next time I was there. It stays under the bed in the guest room.

Funny this post comes right now, my mom texted me a story about Mini Fox yesterday.

Perhaps if I have Mini Fox with me, I will/can survive! Yep going to rely on my 5 year old to keep me alive. 

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