Friday, February 22, 2019

Weekly Favorites #7

Hi Foxy Friends! It's Friday and we made it, woo hoo! I have today off and the plans I had fell through, so now I have the whole day (until 2:30) to myself...what am I going to do? Not sure. Maybe I'll go get my nails done, I haven't done that in a while. Anyway, onto Friday favorites.

In case you missed it this week:

No post Monday, Mini Fox was sick and snuggles were more important

Tuesday: Hash Brown Waffles
Wednesday: 1 Tulle Skirt, 4 Outfits For Any Occasion
Thursday: Must Have Bathing Suits

Friday the kids had no school and one of Baby Fox's friends had a birthday party during the day, Brave soul taking on 5 8 year olds. But they had a blast, so that's always good.

Friday night we had friends over and I made butternut squash lasagna, it was delicious.

We put on Home Alone for the kids, our friends kids had never watched it before and they all loved it.

This was the aftermath of the epic Nerf Gun war that happened.

Saturday I made this omelet for Mr. before hitting up the gym.

Then I took Baby Fox to Karate. This was taken the Thursday before, he got another stripe on his belt.

Saturday night I made mini meat loaves. Baby Fox had been asking for meatloaf for weeks, it was the least I could do.


Sunday I took Baby Fox to church and this little lady sat on the couch snuggling Mr. When we got home I took over snuggling duty for a bit before leaving to go to my cousin's baby's baptism.

I forgot my camera, so I got very few pictures. But I did snap this of the big moment.

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So  my friend is turning 40 this year and we decided we wanted to go to Palm Springs to celebrate. She had suggested that we all get white bathing suits and take cute pictures. Cute pictures, I'm in? At first I was worried that I wouldn't find one, but Target didn't disappoint. Now hopefully one of these works! Anyone else need a white suit? Most of these suits comes in different colors too.

Oh and all swim suits are buy one get one 50% off right now, sale ends tomorrow, so hop on it!
1 (comes in 4 colors) / 2 (comes in 2 colors) / 3 (comes in 6 colors) / 4 (comes in 2 colors)

Imagine that last one in white, I couldn't get a front view of the white one.

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