Friday, February 15, 2019

Weekly Favorites #6

Hi Foxy Friends! Happy Friday! Yesterday was such a normal day, is that what 15 years together does? Not sure, but we show each other we love each other everyday, so there's that. Anyway, onto some Weekly Favorites!

In case you missed it on the blog this week:

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I also actually posted a video this week, it's been hard posting videos for some reason. But I finally got one up, if you can guess, it's about the Valentine's Day Wreath.

Last weekend was a slow one filled with no almost not plans. Thursday I went out for a Mom's night out, it was really fun to catch up with them.

Friday got my hair done and then we headed to a friends for dinner, no pictures of that though, darn.

Saturday was a PJ's all day kind of day, I went to the gym, took Baby Fox to karate then we picked up some In and Out. After that, we did pretty much nothing. I made some ribs for dinner and then we did family movie night. Popcorn and watched The Clocks Inside The Walls In The House.

Sunday we went to a craft day at a friend of my mom's. It was super fun to craft Valentine's Day card for the kid's classmates.

Sunday night was full of cleaning up the house and getting ready for the week.

Mini Fox started her first T-ball season on Tuesday, just before the rain came. She loved it. Her best friend is on the team, and I think they're going to have a great season, provided that it stops raining. Mini Fox brought her camera she got for Christmas so she could take pictures with her team.  Need to figure out how to get the pictures off her camera, then I'll show you the pictures she took, they are too cute.

Getting her uniform, she was so excited.

Let me set the stage, last year when we heard that they were making a Frozen 2, Baby Fox insisted that the parents were alive and that they would come back in this movie. Mr. said no way, the parents are dead, and then they proceeded to bet...stakes you wonder? Mr. was so confident that the parents are dead, he bet Baby Fox a new iPad. Have you seen the trailer? Totally could be that they are finding their parents. Mr. said he would follow through on the bet if they are even looking for the parents for the plot of the movie. Kids are so stinkin' excited to watch the movie come Fall. How about you? Anyone else going to watch it?

My new favorite thing of life...this dry shampoo puts all other dry shampoos to shame. It gets rid of the grease and it lifts your hair from the roots, unlike other dry shampoos that somewhat get rid of the grease, but leaves it a little flat. Trust me I've tried all different kinds of dry shampoo, up until this week my favorite was this one, but no longer, I'm ONLY going to buy the IGK one. Seriously it looked like first day hair...although didn't feel like it, but it would be the perfect time to do a fancy hair style with the grit and lift that it left. Okay I'll stop gushing, just go get it and you'll thank me later. It also comes in a travel size, add to cart!

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