Friday, February 8, 2019

Weekly Favorites #5

Hi Foxy Friends! Happy Friday! I don't know why it seemed like such a long week, but it did, phew so happy it's the weekend! So let's get started with some weekly favorites.

In case you missed it on the blog this week:

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No posting to YouTube this week. But I have a few videos coming at you in the next couple of weeks, that's if I can get my butt in gear and edit!

A few weekends ago, we took the kids bowling with some friends, I got 2 strikes in the last round, go me! Made it so I didn't come in DEAD last....

We celebrated a friends birthday with a onesie party, yep we all dressed up in PJ's and went bar hopping, it was awesome!

Birthday girl on the left there.

Last weekend I made homemade mac and cheese for dinner, it was fantastic!

Saturday morning was full of rain, lots of rain, good thing this birthday party was indoors.

Baby Fox with the birthday boy.

Afterwards we met up with my parents at the movies, I thought this sign was funny, how is there negative 37 spots?

We hardly ever all go to the movies, gotta snap a picture.

 Afterward we headed to my parents to celebrate Mom's birthday with cake and pizza. Pretty much a perfect Saturday.

Superbowl Sunday we headed over to a friends house, low key and totally perfect.

Mr. is showing her how to roll out the dough on the pizza crust, not sure why he is making that face, don't tell him I put it in here anyway.

Half time means play some dad/son football right?

Pizza perfect.

Mr. got some baby snuggles, she's so cute.

Besties wearing matching shirts.

Pretty much a perfect weekend.

Random pictures from my camera roll:

When you take down your 12 foot Christmas tree and find this many nerf guns in it, you know you're family has a problem, lol!

After the kids to to bed sometimes Mr. makes us a cheese plate...yum! FYI: Unexpected Cheddar from Trader Joes, mind blowingly good. You have to get some STAT.

She likes to workout with me, it's the cutest ever. She calls it the Tuna Workout, because she can't hold the weights so she uses tuna cans (other cans are too big for her to hold).

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