Monday, February 25, 2019

Introducing My People

Hi Foxy Friends! Hope you had a great weekend! We had a jam packed weekend, and not ready to be back at work! Today over on The Blended Blog we're talking about our people. I've done this before, talking about my family, you can see that here. Today I thought I would talk about the ladies in my life that make life more fun.

These ladies are the baseball Mama's that I met last year and really got to know. Our husbands have started a monthly poker night, which we hosted this past week. 3 of them go to the same school as us as well. We see each other so often with all of the baseball practices and games.

This is the same group of ladies that we did that Onsie bar crawl. People willing to wear pajamas in public while drinking are my people.

We also play Bunko too, we're basically a well rounded group of people.

Then there's these ladies, we met when our kids were just babies. The lady on the right of me, I met her in the Nordstroms bathroom, we were both feeding our babies in the woman nursing lounge when our kids were 3 months old. By the way, good tip, if you are ever near a Nordstroms and need a private place to feed your baby, the woman's bathroom lounge has a Mom's room for taking care of baby, it's pretty awesome. Anyway, I met her in the bathroom, then we went shopping together afterwards and the rest is history. I frequently refer to her as my Nordstrom's friend because that's the only way my parents remember her, LOL. 

We also do fun things like going to Beauty Con LA together.

Hopefully we're going to plan and actually get away for our first Mom's weekend away this summer. We've actually never done that before, I'm excited!

Then there are these folks. This lady pretty much saved me when our boys were 3 months old. We met at a Mom's group and immediately clicked. We had the same sense of humor and we just got each other. Our boys are 3 days apart and are the best of friends. Now we see each other almost on a weekly basis, we try to end our week with dinner together. It's a great way to end the week. I could go on, but you get the picture.

So these are the people in my life. Tell me, who's that person in your life? Give them a shout out down below!

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