Friday, February 1, 2019

Weekly Favorites: The One Where the Canadians Visit

Hi Foxy Friends! What a couple of weeks it's been! So much to recap, I'll try to keep the pictures at a minimum though. So let's get started.

In case you missed it this week, was all about things I would never do. Monday was things I would never do, and Wednesday was all about things I would never wear. Go check it out and see what food I will NEVER ever eat and what kind of shoes you'll never see on my feet.

Also I also posted a YouTube Video on a cute thing to do for your kids for Valentine's Day. It starts today, and super easy to do! It's a 47 second video, so nothing too hard to do!

I also wrote about my recent purchase, a lot of it from favorite store. Okay let's get to what we've been up to lately.

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Things I have been making lately...

Homemade tempura...can I tell you how good it was? Next time I need to make something more heft to go with it, but it was delicious and it will definitely be made again! In case you are wondering we have this deep fryer, it's small but gets the job done.

Also I had a MNO craft night at my house and it was so much fun, definitely going to be adding it to the must do on a regular basis! I made these:

See below to see who I gave them to :)

A couple of Saturdays ago, we went out with some friends to celebrate a birthday and we all wore Onsies and did a bar crawl. Let me tell ya, you meet interesting people when 15 people walk into a bar wear PJ's. Do it with your friends, you won't regret it!

In case you were wondering, my onsie is this one, it has wine glasses on it, need I say more?

Last week these girls came to visit with their kids, and we had the most fantastic time. We spent a few days at Disneyland and then we headed to my house and had a ginormous sleep over. Every second of it was fantastic.

They flew in on Tuesday, so Tuesday night I took the kids over there and we headed to Goofy's Kitchen, the kids loved it!

The next night, I had to work, so after work we headed over and had dinner again.

 Thursday Mr. joined us for Disneyland. I won't bore you with all of the pictures.

Friday Lana and her hubby joined us while Mr. went back to work. This is when those shirts come into play, of course I had to make us matching shirts :)

Everyone left us and Me and the kid ended up staying until almost Midnight! Last ride of the night

Saturday was the perfect beach day as it was close to 80°, we grabbed some sandwiches and headed to the beach. The kids got wet and had a blast!

After the kids went to bed I took them to Target, we somehow ended up spending almost 2 hours there, it felt more like 20 minutes, but the clock doesn't lie.

Sunday we headed out for a hike (mostly flat), or poor Canadian friends aren't use to any sort of warm weather right now...considering they were coming from -45°, but we all survived.

A few races happened.

Mr. pushing the stroller with 100 pounds of kid inside.

Not the cave we wanted to find, but the kids were happy. Good thing cause the cave we were hiking to, was shut down due to all of the fires that happened near us last year.

Finally a group shot.

We headed back to the house to cool off and eat some In and Out, a must when you visit California no?

Not sure why I didn't get more pictures of the kids in the pool, oops.

Sunday night Deena, her kids and Mr. and Baby Fox headed to the Lakers game.

Monday Abbie, myself and the girls (Baby Fox went to hang out with my dad) went to San Clamente pier to have lunch and hang out and take some pictures.

Unfortunately they had to take off to go back to meet up with Deena and crew and I was super sad. But our kids are all now besties and I'm sure there will be many more adventures in our future! Now head on over to The Blended Blog and link up your Friday favorites.

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