Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Sentence A Day: January Edition

1 -Happy New Year, I should be getting stuff done, but instead I'm enjoying my last day before going back to work.

2 -First day back to work after the long break, WAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

3 - Tried the Barre class at the gym, and it was hard but so good, I'll be back.

4 - Visited my cousin at work with some other cousins and had a blast getting some cousin time in.

5 -Well I wanted to take down Christmas decorations, but buying the totes that store said decorations and watching a movie with the kids and cuddling was more important.

6 - Well the big tree decorations came down, still a ways to go...eventually it will all get done right, don't judge.

7 - Mini Fox's 2nd horseback riding lesson, she is the the cutest and loves it so much.

8 - Was going to take down some more Christmas decorations but needed to get work done instead, boo!

9 - Back at my favorite workout class and another Blogilates ab workout, wow that was hard.

10 - Took the kids to In and Out for dinner because Mr. was at poker night, yum!

11 - Friday night friends over to our house for dinner, stew is on the menu, perfect for this cold rainy weather.

12 - Bowling with friends is always fun, then dinner at their place.

13 - Crap, almost burned down the house, okay not really, but forgot I was making popcorn on the stove, and left it there for a long time, smoke detector went off, and now our whole house smells like burnt popcorn, ugh!

14 - Horseback riding lessons still on with the rain, still was a great lesson though.

15 - Man I thought I would get off jury duty this week, but an emergency jury thing happened in another city, so I have report there, plus I have to go back tomorrow, darn.

16 -All day sitting at jury duty, they still don't have a jury, so we'll be going in for day 3 tomorrow.

17 - MNO craft night at my house, so much fun, needs to happen again.

18 - Made homemade tempura and it was GOOD, definitely doing that again!

19 - Onsie bar crawl is a) more fun than I thought it would be b)need to hire an actual babysitter besides parents, so we can stay out later than 10:30 c) meet lots of interesting people when 10 people walk in a bar with PJ's on.

20 - Dinner with Aunt and Uncle and helping them take down their Christmas lights, always fun to see them.

Did get a picture of us, but did get a picture of this gorgeous sunset over the ocean
21 -Told the kids we're taking them to Disneyland, they're super excited!

22 -EEEEEKKKK, they're here, they're here and Goofy's Kitchen didn't disappoint.

23 -Wish I didn't have to work today, but at least I got to spend a little time with Abbie and Deena and family after work.

24 - Disneyland with Mr., I can't believe he's actually here, and MaxPass is probably the best thing since sliced bread!

25 - Disneyland with Lana and Mr. Lana, so much freaking fun, oh and then there was sitting in the same train as Ariana Grande...and we had no idea, oops!

26 - Today was the PERFECT beach day to show our friends what living in So Cal is all about.

27 - Hike with friends followed by In and Out and swimming makes for a really great day.

28 - Abbie and the girls are leaving, waaahhh, but first lets hit up the beach for lunch and some pictures.

29 - Allergy shot day.

30 - Workout class cancelled but still got a good workout in on my own, miracle

31 - Innovation night at Baby Fox's school, finally got to see his marble project, these kids amaze me.

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