Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Look Around, Anything Different?

So I guess if you're looking at this post, you can see that I changed my blog! It's been in the works since February! I seriously can't make decisions. A friend of mine who is super talented drew it for me, yep that's right it's hand drawn. When I was thinking about redoing my blog, I thought, she's a great artist, I wonder if she would/could do something for me.  This is exactly what I told her I'm sort of tired of looking at my blank header. My tag line is "a place where I can pretend to be domestic" so I was thinking of some sort of something with a fox doing something? Or maybe a family of foxes with the mama fox being creative and the other family members in the pictures somewhere? And that's what she came up with, so creative right? Go check out her amazing prints for sale.

Originally I thought, I can do the rest myself...then after about two or three evenings spent trying to figure it out, I thought, this is going to take me forever! That's where the amazing and talented Erin from Love, Fun and Football comes in play. I found her through Katie at For Lauren and Lauren. So go check out Erin's designs, and check out her prices, aren't those totally reasonable? She's awesome, patient and creative. I gave her a few directions of what I sort of wanted, but ultimately gave her a lot of wiggle room and she came up with the color scheme and all. Amazing right? Go give her some love and hire her...seriously go right now.

I'm totally in love with the new design, I even got Instagram and Twitter Accounts, so get ready world, I have a new phone and am ready to get my social media on.

What do you think of the new design? I hope you like it!