Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cute Pigtails That I Had to Chase her Around to Get

What a great weekend! First in case you missed it, click here for the giveaway I'm participating in, you have two weeks! You can win a pair of cute moccasins and $145! You know you want to enter.

I actually got a 4 day weekend, it was glorious! Friday Mr. decided to take the day off as well, but had a lunch meeting to go to, so it was just me and the kids. We decided to lay low in the morning and let Mini Fox get a good morning nap in.

Look who can stand

And then sit down

Proud face

While she napped we worked on a little project.

 After she woke up we headed over to Ampa and Nana's for lunch and hanging out. They're opening THE SHIRT, Baby Fox was so excited. He wore last years shirt so many times that when he started to outgrow it I went on ebay and found another one in a bigger size.

Auntie feeding Mini Fox for the first time

Daddy was a big sucker and bought Baby Fox a cookie


Mini Fox slept for 12.5 hours straight without waking up! It was glorious, although I kept waking up wonder when she was going to wake up. Finally about 6:45 I decided I was just going to pump and go to the gym. Can I tell you how glorious it was to get my workout in and take a shower and get ready at the gym all before the kids get up? It was awesome, it might have to be my new Saturday morning ritual.

Making breakfast together

Pancakes, in the shape of Mickey of course for Baby Fox!

Oatmeal for Mini Fox, I think she likes it...

Before putting Mini Fox down for a nap, Baby Fox decided that he needed to get a pacifier out of Mini Fox's crib...


Lots of playing happened

I decided that Mini Fox's hair was long enough for pigtails...cutest thing ever?

Then Mr. decided to put a tutu on her, her cuteness just got upped a level.


Then we changed her into her pj's, Mr. put her in ballerina PJ's and then put the tutu back on to complete her pj's

Sunday we had my bestie and her family and another good friend and daughter over for swimming, I think the older kids swam for 3 hours straight.

These two are about 4 months apart.

Perhaps future prom dates? I won't marry them off quite yet, hehe.


What did the fox say?

Rib dinner, yum!


Our city has a 1/2 marathon, so we went down to enjoy the festivities

They had every kids dream there, we couldn't get Baby Fox away from it

Then my parents came over for some swimming and dinner

It was such a great weekend, wish every weekend was a 4 day weekend, I could get used to that! How was your long weekend?

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