Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

I had the best Mother's Day weekend. I'm sure everyone says that...but really I did. I had Friday off,  I met up with some friends for a playdate at a local outdoor mall. Baby Fox took a while to warm up, but he did and had a blast.

What else do you do when there is a Target next door? Go to Target with 8 kids in tow of course. (There was another mom with her two kids behind me, one of her kids was having a meltdown, perfect time to go to Target right?)

Baby Fox with his proclaimed Bestie. His Bestie also told his mom last week (the boys haven't seen each other in a month), that Baby Fox was his best friend, awww..

After nap time, waiting till we meet up with Mr. for dinner

We met Mr. at one of my favorite restaurants, it was just the four of us, which doesn't happen often. Usually we have one of my parents or sister with us. It was such a beautiful day that we let Baby Fox get some ice cream.

Saturday we drove over 300 miles to visit some family, yep in one day, the kids were total troopers. It took us 3 hours and one potty/eating break to get there. But it was worth it. My cousin had never met Baby or Mini Fox, and he now has an almost 2 year old, which we had never met. My grandma also got all three of her great-grandchildren with her. Perfect 94th birthday gift if you ask me!

Look at the smile (on grandma, not Mini Fox)

The weather at the beach was PERFECT!

Group shot, my grandmother always waves in pictures.

After lunch we headed to my Uncle and Cousin's trampoline park. If you are in the Santa Barbara area go to Cloud 10 Jump Club, SUPER fun times!

They even have this HUGE play area for kids under 7, Mini Fox thought she was hot stuff

Playing with the big kids

Mr. has a new fan, she followed him EVERYWHERE, it was seriously the cutest thing ever.

Sunday we went to church and just hung out. But the best part of the day? Mini Fox slept for a whopping 11.5 hour straight! No wake ups nothing for 11.5 solid hours. I guess all that jumping,  cousin hang out time and no naps wore her out. As for me not waking up every 2 hours wondering when she was going to wake up, well that's a different story, but I'll take it! I really did wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day!

Hard to hold 50 pounds of kid and look good, clearly I failed

It was super windy so we decided to fly a kite

We had a great dinner of flank steak, baked potatoes and green beans, and the most delicious looking dessert. Nana loved her gift, a picture of Mini Fox in the same pose I did when I was a baby, one that followed me everywhere!

And these pictures are the perfect end to an amazing weekend! Happy Mother's Day to all those amazing Mama's out there, you deserve a day just for you!

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  1. Aww looks like you had a wonderful mamas day weekend :)

  2. beautiful pics! It really does look like you had a wonderful weekend! Much deserved momma!

  3. What a fun mother's day weekend! I love how your grandma always waves in pictures. Too cute. Sounds like you were very loved this weekend by your kiddos. Motherhood is the greates! :)

  4. The weather always looks so lovely where you live!