Monday, May 19, 2014

The Shortest Weekend Ever Recorded

Saturday I got out with Baby Fox for a little shopping and fun. Okay not that much shopping but lots of fun. We had to go to Cheesecake Factory to pick up a giftcard for our neighbor, but they weren't open when we got there, so we sat in these comfy chairs while we waited. Sat is a relative term really, mostly he liked sliding out of the chair.

He had a choice between the mall playground or this, he chose this...

And then because I'm a big sucker, I took him here for the first time ever. He really was a kid in a candy shop. He loved it.

Then I went on some errands and grocery shopping with this girl! I can tell she's going to be my go to shopping girl, she was perfect.

While we were gone, Mr. and Baby Fox went swimming, hence the outfit change.

Mini Fox and I picked up dinner, Persian Food, if you haven't had it go get it. This kid won't eat ANYTHING, rarely eats red meat, but can put of their skewers down like no ones business. His favorite dinner, won't touch a hamburger with a ten foot pole (go figure he likes the thing with the most/unusual flavor over hamburger).

Mr. had his Choir concert (see video below) on Saturday night, I couldn't go to that performance, but don't worry I did get there! The rest of the night was putting kids to bed and playing on the computer. Apparently I bought a photobook through Photo Book America and have to use it before June 4th, yikes!

Sunday we walked to Starbucks and the park

Eating breakfast - I'll never be one of those girls that can exercise with their hair down, so get used to the ponytail look.

Giving me his strong man arm cause that's what oatmeal does apparently.

Mini Fox did this:

Yes that  Bib does say "My First Easter"

When we headed to the park, she woke up, she was a bit confused.

She loves the swings! Her little feet just keep kicking with  happies (yep I just made that word up).


We tried to get Baby Fox to take an early nap (like 2 hours earlier than normal) so he could go to the concert with me, he finally feel asleep, only for me to wake him up 30 minutes later (it actually took me a few minutes to wake him up)

Waiting for the concert to start

Yep that's right, I took a 3 year old to a choir concert, and to my surprise, he was really good. The piece that they were singing was Brahams Requiem and it's a hour and 20 minutes of straight singing, no breaks.

Mr. is in there I know where he is, just hard to tell you guys

I took a small little sample of the music


I think he enjoyed it.

And when we were done? Run around in your tux with your three year old rolling/running down hills.

When we got home, Baby Fox helped me make dinner.

Want to guess what it was? Yea from that picture it's a little hard but eventually it turned into this:

The rest of the evening was spent cleaning up/getting ready for the week. All in all I had a great weekend, next week is a 4 day weekend! Woo hoo. Go the new flag up, we're ready to thank those that gave up their lives so that we can weekends like we just did. Thank You!

Yep that flag is big and yep we keep it out 24/7
The weekend went by too fast and I am definitely looking forward to my 4 day weekend coming up! Plus Mr. said he was taking Friday off, double bonus!

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  1. Love your flag!! It looks like you had a great weekend with your family - just the best!!

  2. fly that flag high and proud! and i never understand how girls can exercise with their hair down how do they do it??

  3. Oh my gosh your kiddos are just the cutest!! Adorable! Happy Monday :)