Monday, July 28, 2014

2 Parties, 1 Day, No Naps = Fun, Right?

Guess what we did this weekend? Yep ANOTHER birthday party, but not just 1 but 2, yep, two birthday parties in 1 day.

For those of you that wanted to know what the Pearl Nume Wand did, this is what it looks like.

We got invited to the graduation of the kids graduating  at Baby Fox's new preschool, starting in the Fall, sniff, it okay that I think/know I'll probably cry when I drop him off?

It left my hair super curly, which I totally loved, but it's super humid (80%) here right now, so by the end of the night, it was just wavy, and by Saturday morning it had come out almost completely. I think I need to figure out some product to make stuff last longer. Usually I just curl and leave, with no product, maybe more product would work?

The preschool had a cute performance, they did a couple of songs together and then each kid got to do something to showcase a talent...

We're waiting for the performance to start.

So cute, and I can't wait for Baby Fox to get out of his little shell, I can't believe next year he's going to be up there performing, I just can't picture it, he's so shy, I hope over the next year will help him with that.

Saturday our first party started at 11, about a hour drive away from us. We got to their house and these guys were there, see that there? It's wood buring pizza stove, how cool is that?

How great are these party decorations? I'll recap this party later in the week. My cousin did such a great job, just walking up was so much fun and really festive.

They had a ball pit for the kids

Someone was excited to get some cake. He wanted me to feed him his cake and kept dictating to me what he wanted, I want vanilla cake with frosting, I want chocloate with frosting, I want chocolate with fudge, he's so funny.

And only my kid leaves half a piece of cake. He was done and didn't want any more. Good for him most of us would finish just to finish. Notice how all the frosting is gone...

Happy birthday little A, we're so happy to watch you grow up and can't wait to see what next year has in store for you!

We were able to put Mini Fox down for a small nap at this party, thankfully! We would have had a bigger meltdown if she didn't get any nap.

Our next party was another 25 minutes north of where we was a gymnastics party. We were hesitant, as was Baby Fox, he doesn't really like stray too far from us, and we've tried gymnastic classes before and he cried the whole time, but this time, this time was different and he participate and my heart beamed with pride.

They had the kids doing various things back and forth on the floor.

They did some stretching exercises and Baby Fox showed us how flexible he really was...yikes, that hurts just looking at him.

Mini Fox just watched, wishing she could participate.

Then they had the kids do an obsticle course, and Baby Fox rocked it.

And then they had a zipline, and Baby Fox was the only one that they just sent down the line. Most of them the lady would run with them and a good portion of the kids fell off. I asked the teacher why she just sent him down without running with him, she said I could tell when I put him up there that he wasn't going to let go, do you have him in gymnastics? Cause you should.

I hope this sparks his interest in going to gymnastics at our gym! I think he would have so much fun.

They had the kids get up for a picture

And this is just after Birthday Girl, Cutie #4's mom (Cousin #3) anncounced it was time for cupcakes

And then more sugar was consumed

Took a cousin and kids it. Two more cuties on the way, coming this Fall.

Baby Fox loves the littlest Cutie #7, and wanted to help her to the car cause it wasn't safe to walk in the parking lot alone. We made it home safe and both kids slept in the car on the way home, thankfully!

Sunday was pretty chill,  I woke up earlier to go grocery shopping, seriously, nothing better than going grocery shoppoing first thing Sunday morning, no lines and produce is full.

Seriously, I never see the produce this full, I used to go during naptime on Sundays and a good portion of this is gone

On our way home from church. He's happy gets more sugar (donuts)

Then Baby Fox made me some food, cause I was "sick" and he was making me food to get better. Nothing cures sickness like ice cream and pizza right?

After nap time we had some friends over for swimming

And some more ice cream making, we were smart and prepped everything last night, so it actually worked, unlike last time.

Checking out the ice cream, or what is going to be ice cream

I can't wait for Mini Fox's hair to grow out so I can do it everyday. I gave the kids bathes and asked Ms. J if she wanted her hair done, she said she wanted braids like Princess Anna.

After dinner, while sitting enjoying being outside, we had the most gorgeous sunset.

Mr. W and Mini Fox (9 months apart, but not much size difference), he's such a little nugget.

I am fully going to use these pictures for these kids if they ever get married.

One last picture, here's Mini Fox wearing those Jammies I bought last week. We ended up not wearing them to bed, cause it was just hot, but thought I was snap some pictures before we changed her.

What's with her and always sticking her tongue out?
Good weekend, but much too short! Glad that his weekend is a 3 day weekend and we get to see the cousins again, Cousin #9 is getting married!

Hope you had a good weekend, Happy Monday!

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  1. Super adorable! And now I want that cake!! :)

    Did you see my new linkup yet? It's online for the first time today and I would be happy to see your blog linked up as well! Have a lovely day! xoxo Anni

  2. seriously, you guys attend more birthday parties than anyone I know!!! Love the idea of a gymnastics party and looks like baby Fox loved it too! so cute!

    1. I know! We really do, and we have a few more to go next month! LOL, and we're had to say no to a few too, it's crazy!

  3. Your hair looks so pretty curled! I usually have to hair spray curls like crazy or else they won't stay in humidity. You are a trooper for attending two birthday parties in one day!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. SO CUTE! Another fun filled weekend. I really like the idea of the ball pit... I think I'm going to have to do that once our little babe is old enough!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. You guys sound like us with all of the birthday parties! I have a huge family so it seems like there is a party all the time. That wood burning pizza stove? Awesomesauce! How fun!!! A gymnastics party is great too. We’ve been to one of those and Mason absolutely loved it. Love your pool!