Monday, July 7, 2014

Our Fourth of July Weekend

I started the long Holiday weekend, by trying these things out. Have you heard of them? They are actually pretty cool, they are stickers, that you heat with a blow dryer. Pretty simple, after the first one the next 9 nails went pretty fast, and the best part is, you don't have to wait for dry time, so I was done in 20 minutes. Next time it will probably take me less time than that, since I'll know what I'm doing.

The finished product. I like them, but I don't think I would use this as my main source of doing my nails. Yesterday I did a TON of cooking/washing dishes and they stayed on, just the tips were starting to wear down, part of that I think is that I don't think I totally put them on correctly. Next time should be better. I bought some skull ones that I can't wait for Halloween to roll around. I personally would only use these for things like this, not for solid colors. And that's my review.

Friday my aunt and uncle were having a party at their house to kick off the festitivies. My uncle gets VIP passes to the fireworks. Love having family in high up places :)

They hired some taco guys to make the food, yummy!

Mini Fox LOVES the pool..

Ice cream social time...

Baby Fox's favorite cousin...and they happened to match too, totally not planned.

These two...

After swimming and eating we headed to the fireworks show.

He wasn't thrilled that I was taking a picture of him, lol. Yep we were VIP on "The Hill", lol.

Tailgating before the show

Cousin #4 would kill me if she knew I posted this...I really like it mostly cause her daughter (cutie #3) was posing exactly like her mama.
All of the cuties! We were only missing 1 of them.

My dad brought some headphones for Baby Fox, last year I had to cover his ears the whole time, he thought the headphones were so cool.

Firetruck stopped by

 Mr. somehow wrangled Baby Fox into his lap a good 30 minutes before the show started...

Best photo bomb ever :)

And then he somehow ended up with both kids

But eventually I got Mini Fox

She was super tired and spent most of the show like this

The fireworks were pretty awesome.

We spent the night with Cousin #5 and his family. His son wakes up at 6am...let me tell ya, that's early! The boys waited paitently for an appropriate time to go to Mini Fox up. Finally at 8:45 we told them they could go get her...they ran.

Then we had breakfast

And cousin #4 and her family came over

They brought over this race track that you use your iPhone with and it someone stays on the paper...I don't know how it works...but it's pretty cool.

Lunch time!

Cutie #1, Auntie Sarah you take too many pictures, haha
Baby Fox fell asleep almost immediately. He got woken up 2 hours early and went to bed 2 hours late...he was tired!

We went grocery shopping when we got home and had a pretty low key night.

Sunday was spent going to church and cooking a lot.

Baby Fox comes up to Mr. and says Daddy, swaddle me!

After naps, Mini got some water table time, and Baby Fox and Mr. went swimming.

Then I had MNO, or MNI (Mom's night in?) at my house. We had a rep from It Works come out and give us a presentation along with beauty night. Us sharing our favorite tips and tricks. We had so much fun, just hanging out and learning about the product. I hope that it works for everyone! Forgot to take a picture, when i thought of it someone was out of the room and I forgot to take one when they came back, darn.

It was a great weekend, although with MNI last night going late and still having to get ready for today, I'm on tired girl!

Tomorrow I'm going to have the pictures I took of the kids for our monthly photo shoot. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hello! I love jamberry, they have they cutest designs and I love these patriotic ones. Looks like you guys had a great weekend. I just came across your blog through Dateless in Dallas link up. Have a great day.


  2. Fantastic job with the kids and I love the Jamberry nails with the patriotic themes. Summertime and pools are such great childhood memories.

  3. Those nail stickers look so cute!!! Love it!

  4. Love the nail idea!!!! :). Great pics!!

  5. Stopping by from the link up! What an awesome weekend! Family, food, fireworks and fun!!!

  6. perfect holiday nails! I swear everyone on my facebook is talking about those Jamberry wraps lately. Might have to give them a go

    1. I like them, but don't think I would make it my go to nails of choice, ya know? I like that I can have a design. Don't think I don't have skulls and crossbones one all set and ready to go for Halloween!

  7. Your nails are super cute! I've used the Jamberry wraps before and they aren't the easiest to apply but if they're on right they last a long time.

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