Monday, July 14, 2014

Me, 200 Miles and 2 Kids

Friday Baby Fox and I stopped by my parents since they had been gone all week and they were missing each other. Baby Fox LOVES going over there, mostly because he is center of attention and pretty much gets what ever he wants, but that's what Grandparents are for right?

Wrestling is a must

Ampa teaching him on to pin someone and to count to 3

When we got home, this beauty was awake and ready for dinner.

Was thinking of using this for her 1st birthday invite, thoughts?  She's a little crossed eyed, should I keep looking?

Saturday we left Mr. at home and drove 100 miles north to go to my cousin's daughters (my second cousin? Although we refer to them as nieces and nephews) birthday. Note to self: Bring snap and go stroller with you ALWAYS even if you don't think you'll use it. It would have been handy when at mile 60, Baby Fox says "I HAVE TO PEE!!" and I have to pull over find somewhere to use the restroom...but can't leave Mini Fox in the car, so had to carry the whole car seat into the bathroom - cause let's face it no way to hold a 10 month old and help a 3.5 year old pee. But we survived and finally made it to the party...

Guess the theme? I'll give you one hint...super popular kids movie right now...If you guess Frozen you would be correct. I'll give you the details tomorrow, so come back! Everything was PERFECT!

The Birthday girl and Elsa
If you can't tell, his eyes are close, he is so cute when he closes his eyes

Next up, cupcakes!
Baby Fox's favorite thing at a party
Could be one of my most favorite pictures of the tree of us

Me and my cousins - Me, Cousin #3, Cousin #4
Baby Fox just wanted to sit in this chair and read

Cousin Cuties, hanging out, getting a picture of the 4 of them...hard!

We went to a REALLY late lunch, they only had snack we went to Corner Bakery...3 woman 4 children...people moved tables when we got there.

Baby Fox got this hand sticky thing and just wanted to play with it. I told him he needed to take a nap...this is him pretending to sleep
Don't worry we're in traffic going 0 MPH

He finally fell asleep! (still going 0 MPH)
 Home in the driveway and both kids have napped, happy and ready to see Daddy!

You can just see Mini Fox's head peaking through her car seat

When I went in to take Baby Fox to the bathroom before we went to bed, this was him, totally out cold.

See his pillow? Yep he jacked our silk pillow sham, dry clean only...he's love it and makes him happy, yes you can keep that pillow as long as you want, who cares that our bed is uneven.
Sunday I went to Burke Williams for  Spa day, oh it was glorious! I can get used to that life!

I blow dry my hair faster than them, then asked for a picture, LOL
When I walked in the door, Baby Fox says, "Mommy, Mommy can Daddy and Me go swimming? Can we go swimming?! Can we?" How could I say no? So they went swimming while I made dinner.

He's getting so good at swimming, we really should get him into some formal lessons before summer is over! We're so busy on the weekends, maybe we'll have to go after work hours...

One last picture of the night before bed:

Okay two:

Mini Fox is pushing a car down the slide to Baby Fox

Love her chubby little legs!
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  1. Grandparents are totally around to spoil! (at least that what my parents tell me all the time! They love spoiling Maylee rotten.) I can't wait to see the rest of the details of the Frozen party. Elsa looks pretty good! Oh and I see Olaf!