Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fingers Crossed, Please, Please, Please Work!

First things first...I dropped my phone in a cup of water...I was driving and thought I was putting it in the empty cup holder, clearly I didn't...I'm so sad and I hope the rice thing works...keeping fingers crossed. Okay now that's out of the way, let's get to the outfits!

Last week of the  Summer Style Me with Alison,  here's week 1, week 2 and week 3. I'm sad to see it go, but with me working 5 days a week, it was really me subbing every outfit, but gave me some good work outfits to wear. Like day 17, I like day 17 this round. Hey looking at all the pictures, what's up with day 19? The wrong arm is bent, apparently I have a stance...and Day 19 I got it all wrong.

I know you're dying for the break down so here we go:

Day 17

This is seriously the most comfy sweater ever, I want it in every color, is that weird? OH and they're on sale now, only $25...darn it I paid full price!

Striped Tee - Target, Jeans - Loft (old), Sweater - Nordstroms (Currently on sale!), Wedges- Nordstroms (currently unavailable, but might come back, so keep checking), Earrings - Target

Day 18

This is sort of like outfit from Day 1 except I am wearing flats and a necklace, but it totally changes the feel of the outfit. I was slightly cold when I left for work so I threw on the jean jacket (JJA I tell ya.

Pink Jeans - White House Black Market (old), Shirt - Target, Jean Jacket - Old Navy, Sandals - Target (old), Necklace -

Day 19

Happy Independence Day! This is what I wore to our Fourth of July Party. Let me tell you about this top. I was getting party supplies for Baby Fox's Half Birthday and Ross was right next to door to Party City. Hey I've never been in a Ross so I quickly went in. Now I remember why I avoid these stores, not because they don't have great deals, but because there is just SO Much that I feel overwhelmed and then walk that strange? Anyway I didn't have anything to wear for the 4th, but saw this and while it was a size I don't normally wear, it fit perfect, I think it was meant to be.

Wait for it...the back is awesome isn't it?

Day 20

Maxi Skirt = Pajama Bottoms...don't you agree? I love wearing it because it feels like I am wearing comfy clothes, add a tee shirt, simple necklace and a fedora, makes for a pretty awesome outfit. Will definitely be repeating this one! Especially with all of my newly acquired maxi skirts.

Day 21

Last day, sniff sniff. It was ridiculously hot, think 95° so I opted to wear shorts instead of the palazzo pants. Sorry for the super wrinkly shorts, this is the end of the day, and we had been in the car a lot.

Shirt - Nordstroms, Shorts - Loft, Shoes - Toms (on sale!), Necklace -

I loved the summer challenge, while I didn't get to wear all of the pieces and still haven't found a black maxi that looks good on me, it was fun to get to know the other challenge ladies. Speaking of which go check some of them out, they're all pretty awesome.

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  1. Cute outfits! I am totally envying all of your necklaces and lusting after that jean jacket. Why oh why did I get rid of my jean jacket?!! Btw, I too have a thing for buying the same clothing item in different colors. Lol!


  2. You look great in everything as usual! I love your shorts outfits - the top you wore on 4th of July is really pretty. I can't believe the challenge is already over! I'm glad we've gotten to know each other :) My boys have tried the rice trick several times and it always works!

  3. beautiful as always! The shirt you wore on the 4th of July is awesome and so different!
    Fingers crossed the rice does it!

  4. Fun love that shirt from the 4th..the stripes that turn to flowers on the back! Too bad about your phone! I hope the rice works.

  5. Love that top for the 4th! Great patterns...jealous! You look great in the maxi and fedora. I think that outfit has a casual flair that fits you! Thanks for linking up!

  6. I would wear exactly all these outfits- we should share a closet.

  7. So many cute looks! My favorite is the first one with the teal cardigan and stripes :) I hope the rice thing worked and your phone survived!

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