Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Frozen Party

I know you came back today for the Frozen party. So I did not have anything to do with this party. I am just posting the pictures of things Cousin #4 did.

I have to admit, I can't wait for Mini Fox to be into Princesses and want princess parties. After hosting a Cars, Construction and Dinosaur/Monster Truck parties, I'm more than ready for some girlie things.

The party was hosted at a scrapbook/creative art place. The grand opening was the night before, so this was the first party/real/paid event that was being held there. I think they did an awesome job!

I always see chalkboards and desparately want one, but have no creativity in the writing department
Don't you just love that mural on the wall? I think it gives the space the perfect creative feel.

The tassel garland and lights are just too cute. While my cousin had nothing to do with that, it's still cute idea for any party, changing up the colors to fit your theme.

We missed this part, but at every place setting there was some tulle and ribbon for each person to make their own tutu, such a great/easy craft for the kids to do.

Other activities:

There was snow! Okay so it was fake, but looks like real snow right? So much fun for the kids to play with and totally safe. You know the stuff inside of diapers? Yep it's that mixed with some water. Or you can buy some sodium polyacrylate, not sure where my cousin bought it from, dong a quick search I found it on Amazon, but you can also find it at your local gardening center as Water Storing Crystals

Drawing station, there was some chalk for the kids to just draw and have fun with. Just black construction paper and chalk.

Pin the nose on Olaf, the kids loved this, I tried to take a picture of the carrot nose that Mini Fox got, but she ate it...yea she tried to eat the fake carrot and it literally disintegrated before my eyes. Don't worry I got it all out before she swallowed.

And of course there was Elsa face painting.

The food was just too cute! There were mini Olafs!

Powder sugar donuts, mini chocolate chips and an orange jelly belly (she bought a bunch of bags and picked out the orange ones, but if you go to Whole Foods or somewhere that sells bulk candy, you can buy just orange Jelly Bellies. I know they have them at our local Whole Foods)

The punch, while I didn't try it was probably blue Hawaiian punch but if you mix it with Sprite, I hear it's very good.

Cupcakes, yum! These were store bought.

Cause everyone needs three pictures of just cupcakes.
At the end Elsa and all of the kids sang Let it Go and it was surprising how many 2 and 3 year olds know all of the words to that song. Crazy!

Birthday girl was in absolute heaven and I can honestly say it was probably one of the best days of her life.
And that is the frozen party that we went to. It was worth the drive to see all the kids playing with each other and having so much fun. What are some more fun twists you would have added?


  1. omg that is the cutest party I have ever seen!!! Love all the themed stuff. definitely pinterest worthy!

  2. Elsa was there for her party! That is one celebrity sighting =) So cute! looks like a blast!

  3. What an adorable theme for a party! I love the mini Olafs :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. This is such an adorable theme for a birthday party! I can't wait to do a Frozen theme for Maylee! I love the tassle decorations and Anna's Frozen heart was a brilliant idea. Who thought of that!?

  5. What a neat place! And a great place to have a party. I love the tassles hanging from the ceiling and the mural. And I wish that I could write like that on the chalkboard!