Monday, July 21, 2014

Can't All Weekends Be 3 Days?


Don't you love when Monday rolls around and you realize you had the best weekend? After three weeks of birthday parties, we finally had a weekend when we didn't have any concrete plans.

My weekend actually started on Thursday. I got home from work and was all set to go to the gym, but when I got Baby Fox up from his nap he was asking where Mini Fox was, and I told him she was still at Ampa and Nana's and he started to cry. He said that he had to kiss her and that he needed to see her. I'm talking full on alligator tears. My heart broke.

Instead we ran the 2.5 miles to my parents. At one point I started to walk, and Baby Fox says, Mommy you said you would run, this is walking, RUN Mommy RUN! Nothing kicks you in the butt than your 3.5 year old yelling at you to stop being lazy.

Together again

These kids love each other so much, any time she get she'll kiss her brother...Baby Fox doesn't mind too much, mostly he just says, ewww it's so slobbery! But pretty much lets her do whatever she wants to him.

Friday we went to see a friend (who I met in 9th grade) I haven't seen in over a year! It was just a short visit, but so much fun to catch up. Must get together with her and her kids sooner than later.

Baby Fox ate a sandwich for the first his life, it was the most awesome moment ever. Add something else to the list of what he'll eat, so convenient!

Mr. called and facetimed me and Mini Fox.  If you're wondering about the face, he's "getting" Mini Fox...she seemed unimpressed. I think she was a little confused.

Mr. brought home dinner, this burrito was bigger than my head! In case you wanted to know, I ate half for dinner and the other half the next day for lunch.

After we put Mini Fox down for her late afternoon nap, Mr. and Baby Fox went swimming.

Getting some side breathing practice in.

 Baby Fox is teaching Mr. how to walk under water

Baby Fox going to get the "shark"

Saturday Mini Fox had her first swim lesson! She did fabulous and was the only kid not to cry, not to mention she was the youngest. All those times in the pool and bathtub really paid off.

She looks like such a big kid, you know just sitting on the edge of the pool.

Big brother watching sister, he was so good, watched her the entire 20 minute lesson without complaining or running a muck.

1,2,3 under...

Back floats

This was Baby Fox's favorite part, running on jumping off of this thing.

The rest of Saturday was pretty low key, I contact papered the cabinets. Well took the old stuff off and put new stuff down, man that his hard on the knees!

After afternoon naps, I took Mini Fox on some errands.

Waiting to return something at Kohls
Then when we got home Mr. and Baby Fox were at the park, so we went up and joined them.

We were watching that guy fly a helicopter

We went home and put her down for her late afternoon nap. I had to wake her up but first had to snap some pictures.

Dinner was mac and cheese, it was her first time trying it and she pretty much loved it.

Her sign for more (opening and closing your fists).

After done some laying around happened

Mr. was cleaning up outside from BBQing dinner and Mini Fox crawled to the window to wave hello (she just got waving down the past few days, and can say Hi Dada, but really only does it to Mr.)

And then it was time for bed, love polka dots on her.

Sunday I was looking forward to sneaking off to the grocery store before everyone woke up, I thought it was my new thing...but nope. Baby Fox heard me walking out the door and started calling my name. Of course I had to go get him and try to rush him out the door so I could still grocery shop and get home before everyone else woke up. He was upset with me for leaving the house without eating breakfast. As you can tell he got over it.

He decided he wanted to wear a tank top and was cold and wanted his blankie wrapped around him.

Then Baby Fox and I met my dad at church while Mr. stayed home with Mini Fox (church is during her nap time and things get ugly when we take her)

Donuts afterward

When I looked at the monitor during nap time, I couldn't see Baby Fox, so I went up to tell him to go to bed because after nap some friends were coming home and he needed his rest. I found him like this.
yes he's sleeping right by the door
When I asked him why he was sleeping there, he said it was so that he could get to the bathroom easier, cause getting out of bed is too hard (you know the whole foot it is to get off of his bed).

After naps, some friends came over (I've known the husband since 3rd grade, he was my brother's best friend and happens to live in the same town as us) As you could guess, more swimming.

We attempted to make homemade ice cream. I don't think I got the insert cold enough cause it totally didn't work. Boo, the kids were disappointed.

They have a little boy the same age as Baby Fox, it was great to see them play together, they entertained each other and we got to eat dinner in peace, it was great.

So fun hanging out with them, we don't do it often enough. Summer BBQ's are the best.

Our weekend was awesome, can't every weekend be three days of fun with friends? Please?

What did you do this weekend? Link up your post in the comments so I can check it out!

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  1. Yes, yes and yes!! I’m jealous you had a 3 day weekend. Ours flew by too fast. Ahh…so sweet that he needed to kiss her. My heart!!!! I smiled at your line about him eating a sandwich for the first time…I can totally relate! Mason had his first sandwich a couple of weekends ago and I was thinking ‘this is blog-worthy’ haha. Mason is a very picky eater! Yay for swim lessons. She looks like a pro out there! Love your pool!

  2. What a FABULOUS weekend! :) Your kiddos are too cute... makes my baby fever spike just a tad bit more than it already has ;)

  3. It's so encouraging to see a family that really cares about each other! Thank you for sharing your sweet, adorable photos!

  4. Your kids are so cute. And I love how much they love each other. I can't wait to take Hannah for swim lessons. I hope she likes it. She does love bath tub, so maybe she will. Yay for polka dots!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. hahhaa nothing like a toddler telling you to stop being lazy, man baby fox is gonna get you running fast!!