Thursday, July 24, 2014

Christmas in July

I know another post in the same day. What is going on here?! It just so happened that I'm participating in two different things and they both happen to fall on the same day, so you get me twice, not sure if that is good or bad, I'm going to chose good thing.

The lovely ladies Courtney @ Sweet Turtle Soup and Jenny @ The Chronicles of We put together a Christmas in July Swap. How fun to get something from an awesome Mama in July.

I got a gift from Jasam @ The Opulent Owl. She sent this awesome box:

Baby Fox wanted to open the box with his new scissors...

don't worry he just wanted to take the picture of him using them, I actually opened the box.
Once the box was open, Baby Fox could hardly contain himself, wondering what was in the box.

Water Balloons, he couldn't wait to try this out!
Cheers, margarita glasses for some fun drinks, although Baby Fox has claimed them as his and drinks milk and water from them.


Some silly puddy like stuff, we haven't had a chance to open it, but it sure does look fun!

He kept saying, wow, this is so cool! Look at this Mommy, this is for me?!

Jasam was so generous and we loved everything! Thank you for such a thoughtful gift from a new friend.

He was trying to use his safety scissors to get into it, I suggested his other ones.

Go check out Crystal @ Mason's Mama to see what I go her.


  1. Glad you loved the bag of summer goodies! It's funny how he liked the margarita glass the most! I'm glad I bought a pink and green one, otherwise he'd be drinking out of a pink glass haha. I'm just curious...did you receive a card inside too? I made one and I'm not sure if I put it in the box lol

  2. Oh the sheer joy on his face opening that box full of goodies! Love how you captured it in the series of photos. Laughing at the margarita glass being his favorite!

  3. Fun stuff and perfect for Summer time. Love those colorful margarita glasses. Thank you again for our box of goodies! We are enjoying everything and marking so many things off our Summertime bucket list!

  4. Adorable! What a great box of surprises!

  5. what fun.. who does love getting a box full of goodies in the mail

  6. hahaha I love that he is using the margarita glasses for himself =) They are just way more festive! I can only imagine the mess if Aria used one though, I'm guessing he is a little more coordinated! aww what a fun box! I'm so glad you joined up and I love Jasam so I'm glad you got to make a new friend! Happy Christmas in July!

  7. So cute!!! Look how happy he is :) I love mail!

  8. awesome box of summer surprises! Looks like loads of fun and look how grown up he looks using those sissors! Thanks for joining our little gift exchange!