Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My First Curling Wand Review

I've been really bad and didn't take an outfit post this week, but found this on my computer and realized I never posted it. So it seems silly to be wearing this outfit when it's hot and humid outside, but hey, if I don't do it now, it will never get on the blog.

I love how the scarf just ties everything together and makes it a bit more dressed up, when in reality I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

I feel like such a model in this one, the wind blowing through my hair, lol.

*I was not compensated or asked to write this review, I'm just sharing something that I really like, no one knows who I am.

Speaking of hair, I bought the Nume curling wand set. Ever heard of it? No? Well I first heard of it from Jen at From Head To Toe in her Top 10 Must Have Hair Products. I had been thinking I wanted a curling wand for a while, but couldn't justify the price, but she had a coupon code for $151 off! So what was $250 was only $99, I figured hey I get 5 curling wands in one, why not?! Guess what? I just checked and her coupon code still works, enter jensummer at checkout. **I tried googling youtube coupon codes for this and a bunch came up, so there's always a coupon code out there to use, just need to find it!

So I ordered it and anxiously waited for it to get here. I was so excited when it showed up!

What it looks like fresh out of the box.

It's like Christmas, I'm so exited!

There are 5 interchangeable wands that comes in this handy case

Even comes with a heat protectant glove, must have, this thing is HOT, my first use I barely brushed the wand against my shoulder and it bubbled up and left a nice little mark.

Here is everything laid out. You get a 32mm, 25mm, 19mm barrel, reverse barrel, which starts from 13mm from the tip to 25mm at the base, and last but not least the pearl (you can guess what Mr. said about this one).

So far I am LOVING them. Granted I have only tried the 3 barrels and not the reverse or pearl.  What I like to do is use the 19mm and then the next day I get a more wavy look. This is actually after I've just used it a few hours ago.

This is I've just washed my hair, let it dry and then I section my hair into 6 pieces, curl with the 19mm and go to bed. When I wake up I comb my fingers through my hair for an awesome look. Here's what it looks like after night 1:

And then I slept on it again and here it is the next day. Still slightly wavy, but totally perfect for a casual day out and about.

So if you are thinking about a curling wand get this one, it's only $99, plus you get a free bottle of Argan Oil. I use that usually on day two when my hair is slightly frizzy, it tames those wild hairs. Not sure if that's how you're supposed to use it, but it works for me!

Let me know if you have a curling wand or are going to get and how it works out for you! I'd love to know.

When I use the other two wands I'll let you know how it works for me.

In case you were wondering why there are wet mark on the pavers next to me...this is why:

There's that pose again

And he's back in the pool!

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  1. Your back up model is adorable! =) I cannot curl my hair to save my life. I am lacking in the hair gene pretty sure. I can straighten it, but in FL it is frizzy in 2 seconds and I hate that. sad sad hair. My hair was much nicer in CO! What a nice coupon.

  2. Your son is so cute! I love your scarf. That is so cool that it comes with wands. Your hair looks great!

    Nicole to the Nines

    1. Thanks! It's super easy, I did watch a lot of youtube videos on how to curl with a wand, but in the end I had to adjust to what was easiest for me. The scarf is from Target :)

  3. Love it!! I am super curious what the pearl wand would make your hair look like... :)

  4. This post actually works well because it's giving me ideas for fall. NEVER A BAD THING! I just cannot get the whole curling wand thing down, maybe because my hair is a frizzy, thick hot mess. You however, look fab!

  5. i love my curling wand but now that i cut my hair short I haven't used it in a while.
    You should do another post with the pearl wand, curious how that'll turn out!

    1. I did it over the weekend! Although it didn't really last, could have been the 85% humidity we were having, but I'll have to try it again soon.

  6. Your hair looks beautiful - I love it. Cute outfit - your scarf is so pretty and colorful. Your son couldn't be any cuter :)