Friday, July 11, 2014

I Love Rice and My Dad - Fixing your Wet Phone

Remember when I told you this on Monday? Well guess what? It worked! I know you have all been dying to know. I'm so happy! yay!

Use Rice to Dry out Phone
I know 163 unread message, crazy right?

So now that I have that behind me, I'm going to let you guys know how I brought my phone back from the dead. So if this ever happens to you, actually I take that back, this will never happen to you because WHO puts their phone in a cup of water!?! So this is how my Dad helped me save my phone. Dad always to the rescue.

How to Save Your Phone When You Drop Place it in Water

Step 1: Freak out that Siri just stopped talking to you and when you look down to see why realize you've put your phone in the cup of water you told yourself was a stupid thing to bring cause something will probably happen.

Step 2: Denial that you're phone is broken, you just got your first smart phone and have never had previous problem with water, why now?!

Step 3: Parking car and start vigorously shaking phone out, wondering how in the hell can this much water get in a phone in 1.5 inches of water?!

Step 4: Start walking towards the hospital (no this didn't put me in the hospital, I was visiting someone, they're recovering well), using my maxi skirt and shaking my phone into it like I'm a pack a day smoker prepping the first smoke of the pack, you know what I'm talking about...

Step 5:  Tell anyone who will listen that I'm holding a dead phone walking...

Step 6: Walk into said hospital room and rant about my phone being broken, then realize, shit I should ask how the person is doing who is actually sitting in a hospital bed. Hospital person always trumps dead phone, always.

Step 7: Dad tells you to take out SIM card, cause when he dropped his phone into a gutter (our family has issues), his phone told him (literally, a message popped up on his screen) to take the SIM card out.

Step 8: Have to find something small enough to fit into that little hole in the iPhone to get out the SIM card, hospital person says, hey I saw a paperclip on the ground over by room #XXX while I was out walking my laps.

Step 9: Get SIM card out and realize it's okay and that it didn't get wet, phew!

Step 10: Dad says that we need rice and that the hospital had rice for lunch, he's going down to ask for some (not cooked, obviously, but Mr. did have to double check that one. We figured they had cooked rice at lunch, they must have uncooked rice for us to use)

Step 11: Put phone in bag of rice, wait impatiently for over a day for phone to hopefully dry out. The good part of that is I figured out why our landline isn't working (yep we still have one of those, much to Mr.'s protest), what if I needed to call for help, it made me nervous, the whole hour and half till Mr. got home from work and we would have a phone again.

Step 12: Take phone out of rice, try to turn it on...see the apple sign and scream/jump up and down like an idiot and so happy that the money you had been saving up for a new camera will not need to be used for a new phone!

So that's how you do it people, here it is simplified

Shake the phone like it's your business to get water out → put in bag of rice → wait → turn on phone and hope that it goes back on, you only have one chance.

Side note: Water is an electrical conductor, so if you turn on the phone and there is still water in there and the water is touching a grounding spot and a power spot they will short together and your phone will definitely be broken (I just totally nerded out there), so don't turn on your phone until you really know it's dry!

Any of you try this? Did it work for you?

This picture has NOTHING to do with my story, other than she's drinking water and I put my phone in a glass of water...I just thought it was ridiculously cute and thought you would want to see it.

Her first time drinking water from a straw
Happy Friday!

P.S. In 8 days I will have driven over 1000 miles...yes I was in the car a lot this past week.


  1. YAY for your iPhone being fixed!!! Is it ok that I laughed a lil at your step by step!?! Not laughing at your predicament tho!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Nice! I have friends who have used this rice drying method before and I heard it's such a lifesaver! Great tip on not turning on your phone while it's wet, by the way. I bet a lot of people make that mistake!

  3. This tutorial was just for me! I have yet to drop my phone in water... but the day is surely comin'! It will probably be Mia's fault ;) ha ha, but I gotta know how to take care of my phone! I never would have thought to take out my sim card!