Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Can Get My Life Back

Have you heard this little game called 2048? If not, walk away, just walk away right now and don't continue to read. Okay I really don't want you to walk away, but seriously, it's taken me FOREVER to pass this game. I started playing when I went back to work (back at the end of January, yes it's taken me 7 months to win), and I was obsesses at first. It was like when you first started playing Candy Crush, it consumes you, except this one you can keep playing forever, it doesn't cap you at 5 lives...but finally, finally I won! It feels so good. I feel accomplished. Is that weird?

It said to keep going, so I did...then I "died"

and sighed a breathe of relief that I can finally do this:

If you want to know how I won? Shear luck...sort of. If you play or start to play, swipe left/right and up, only up, don't swipe down, it will break you. I did have to swipe down twice in my game, but for the most part I swiped left/right and up. Now back to regular scheduled posts.


  1. I'm not even looking this up because I worry I'd get addicted!

  2. haha never heard of it! I did play candy crush though, but back when Aria was nursing because one handed yay! I better just avoid this one ha

  3. yes it is a trap...i have seen it.. I didn't start because i knew i would get addicted..

    1. Good for you. When I downloaded it, I had NO idea that it was popular, I just thought it would be good to pass the time. Little did I know.