Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dinosaurs and Monster Truck Party

Not sure if you guys knew, but Baby Fox was born on Christmas

Yep that's a big stocking! And his hat said "Special Delivery"
Instead of throwing him a birthday party in December (cause let's face it, there are only so many shopping days in December and the last thing people want to do is go to a birthday party on a potential shopping day, you're welcome economy), we throw him a half birthday party. This was last years party, Construction Theme (My most repinned thing on Pinterest).

This year's theme was started out with Dinosaurs...and then suddenly after the invitations were sent out, he wanted monster trucks too. If that doesn't say boy, I don't know what does. If he wants monster trucks too, dinosaurs and monster trucks he'll get.

I relied very heavily on my trusty cricut. If you don't have one, you NEED one, yes you need, I feel that strongly about it. Wait for Joann's to put it on sale, or amazon, just get it, you'll thank me later. Okay, back to the party.

I got a bunch of stuff from Oriental Trading Company, like these dinosaur napkins and plates and these monster truck napkins and plates  and these blow up dinosaurs and then made the rest of the decorations.

I found this gem from a FB after party resale group, score! But you can buy it here.
We've had enough parties at the house to know what works for party flow. Having the food here, keeps people moving around the house.

Close up, if you can't tell those are t-rex foot prints

I lined up the dinosaurs and trucks just above the food, and then labeled those. They were super last minute, and I didn't print out a mac and cheese one, although I think people were too busy eating the yummy food to notice. We catered from Lucilles's BBQ, they have excellent food and if you order their mac and cheese for catering, tell them you want it extra creamy. When we got it, we though, oh gosh, we got too much, and then it was the thing people were scraping the bottom to get every little bit out.

I also had dinosaurs around the house, some of the trucks were chasing the dinosaurs, some dinosaurs were chasing the trucks and then Mr. made one of the trucks run over a dinosaur, poor guy he never had a chance.

Drinks, there were about 30 adults and 20 kids and we just bought a 12 can case of Coke Zero, Diet 7-up and Coke, and that was plenty of soda and we had lemonade and of course water. Love those little half bottles from Costco. I rounded out the drinks with some organic juice boxes for the kids.

It was actually a swim party but I didn't get one picture of people swimming. I always tell myself I'll be better at taking pictures, but then when the time comes, the party is always too fast and I miss the opportunity. Darn.

Like I said Monday, I made the most delicious cookies ever, and people couldn't stop eating or raving about them. I might be making them again for 4th of July...I don't expect there to be left overs.

Cake table, a good friend made the cake, isn't it awesome?

Wait let me get a close up for you.

How cool is that volcano? The bottom part is chocolate while the top part is rice krisipies! (TIP: Our friend bought a sheet cake from Costco, and then scraped off all of the frosting and decorated it herself, guess how much frosting was on it? 3.5 pounds, yep you read that correctly 3.5 pounds of frosting, think about that next time you eat a cake from Costco)
See, everyone discovered the cookies and their almost gone...
We did cake about 2 hours after the party started (just before people started to leave for nap time)

Most of the people from the party...some people were being dumb camera shy and didn't want to get in, go figure.

All in all it was a great party with some even better friends. Thank you for sharing in Baby Fox's half birthday. 

Cousin #3

Baby on left is 7 months, Mini Fox (9.5 months) and Baby on the right is 5 months

Next year, note to self, take more pictures! Or designate someone to do it!

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  1. OMG that's amazing!!! what a rockstar momma you are!

  2. oh my gosh- that picture of him as a newborn!!! SO precious! You are a rockin' mom - that's one cool themed party! Best cake ever! :)

  3. A half birthday for a Christmas babe is such a great idea!! What a cute birthday party. :)

  4. That dinosaur/truck theme turned out well! I'm loving all the decorations in the house! Funny that you mention getting a Cricut if I don't have one haha. I was thinking of getting one the other day... Which one do you have? Is it really worth it?

  5. I always designate someone to take all the photos so that I don't have to worry about it! I love how everything turned out! I'm blown away that his birthday is Christmas...does this mean he gets extra presents under the tree??

  6. LOVE! LOVE LOVE! everything looks so cute! you did an amazing job! and i think it's the cutest thing that you throw a half birthday party, what a great idea. i know so many people born around christmas that feel shafted.

    you have the cutest family!!

  7. What an amazing party! So cute! I love it! I love that cake! Aria is a december baby too, but right at the start so not too bad with the Christmas craziness! but I loooove that you do the half, that is so smart.

  8. What an awesome party!!! I love that you went with both themes in one. Mason did that to us this year. Was all prepared and ready for a Pirate party and then 2 weeks before totally boycotted Pirates and wanted a Policeman birthday!! Talk about curveball. lol.