Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bright Red Lips

Back for week 3 of  Summer Style Me with Alison,  here's week 1 and week 2. For some reason I had trouble taking pictures on the actual day. I admit, Sunday I did a lot of outfit changes...Mr. was patient with me. Without further adieu here are my outfits this week:

Day 10

So this whole outfit was substituted...well I did have the bright bottoms, it called for shorts, but since I had to go to work, bright jeans it was.

I picked out the button down and then was trying to figure out a necklace, and...well I ran out of time, and just threw on the scarf. I need to figure out a belt, suggestions? Leopard to go with my shoes? Too much? Thoughts?

Pants - Loft (old), Button Down - Target, Scarf - Old Navy (old), Shoes - DSW (old)

Day 11

So this would be one of those outfit that I did on Sunday with Mr. And then when I uploaded them onto my computer and organized it, I didn't put it in the correct day, thinking I didn't have that outfit....
Tee Shirt - Target, Shorts - Loft, Shoes - Target, Watch (old), Earrings - Target

Sort of loving the statement earrings. I don't usually wear earrings, but after this Summer challenge I think I might have to change my mind.

I think put this one on...This is actually what I wore on Friday to do my errands and get ready for Baby Fox's party. Plus I bought the fedora yesterday and wanted to incorporate it in some pictures.
This outfit brought to you by Target...okay not really, but it did all come from there.

Tee Shirt - Target, Shorts - Target, Shoes - Target, Fedora - Target (can't find online)

I sort of love how this picture looks like I have one of those blow machine gently tossing my hair in the reality, I have no idea how it happened.

See bottom left? Yep that's Baby Fox he jumped into the picture thinking we were doing full length. And by we I mean me and my tripod, Mr. was out golfing.

Day 12

My usual spot was really sunny, so I figured I was in the sun, might as well stand somewhere else.

Shirt - Old Navy (on clearance rack), Shorts - Old Navy (Similar), Watch -, Earrings - Target (similar)

Yep, I'm wearing red lipstick, fun right?

Day 13

This was Baby Fox's party day, I do have a black and white polka dot bikini on under this...was too self conscious to take a picture of it. But it is there.

Skirt - Target, Shirt - Old Navy (Old), Bathing Suit - Victoria Secret (old), Bracelets - (old)

Day 14

I still haven't found a black maxi dress, so this will have to do, and I haven't found a vest day I might find it.

Maxi - Nordstroms (old), Shoes - Nordstroms, Necklace - (they always have them, just need to keep checking back)

Day 15

I'm not entirely sure about the mixing patterns. It looked better in person? Hmm...thoughts?

Shorts - Loft,  Striped Tee - Target, Shoes - Nordstroms (no longer in this color), Statment Necklace -  

Day 16

I pretty much followed this outfit, but since I was taking make-up outfit posts (green shorts above), and the fedora was already outside, I added it to the outfit. I have to admit the fedora is growing on me. I can see myself wearing this to the park to help shade my face. Functional and pretty, score!

Skirt - Nordstroms, Shirt - Target, Sandals - Target (no longer available), Necklace -, Fedora - Target

And that in a nutshell is my week of outfits, well what I mostly wore and didn't take any pictures and then made up for it on Sunday.

What are you loving this week?

I'm loving bright lipstick.

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  1. I love your style! Simple, yet also a touch of elegance too.

  2. I have the same green shorts, and I love them with the pink top - will have to try that. You look great in everything! I love the maxi dress/skirts on you.

    1. thanks! I'm obsessed with maxi skirts and dressed, if I could I would wear them everyday, it's my summer staple!

  3. Hi, I am Ada. I have stopped by before and I think I have also commented. Anyway, here I am again. You are nailing this Summer challenge. Love ALL of this week's outfits especially Days 10, 11, 15 & 16. So many great Nautical & Patriotic Looks in the mix too which is my most favorite style of all.

    I welcome you to check out my blog too and hopefully we can support each-other by following, Thanks and Happy July 4th!! Ada. =)

  4. cute outfits!! i really love that fedora on you

    1. thanks! I that was the one accessory I was totally wondering about too, glad to know it doesn't look totally dumb on me :)

  5. I also like the green and pink together. Something I wouldn't neccesairly put together on my own... I'm gonna try. I am also unsure on pattern mixing, but find it easies with stripes and floral. Not sure why. I loved seeing all your outfits!

  6. I love everything! The bold patterns and bright colors look so flattering on you! So perfect for summer!

  7. rocking the lipstick lady!!! LOVE IT!!
    You look great in everything but my fav is the white shorts and red stripe shirt (and lipstick). Beautiful

    1. Thanks! I think that is one of my favorite outfits from this week too. Gotta love the red lips!

  8. Hi Sarah I'm so glad to find your blog via Tucker Up WIWW. You have great style. All these looks are cute but I think my favorite is the pink top with the striped maxi skirt and the fedora. The gold necklace definitely brought it all together.
    I would love to invite you to the #WhatWivesWearLinkUp. If you are interested we link up every Thursday at I hope you can join us! I look forward to following. ~Sherri

  9. you make me happy when I look at pictures of you...I can just imagine how much joy you radiate in real life.

    1. Awwww, Deena, you make me blush. Thank you. If you're ever in Cali, come visit! You can come swim in my backyard :)

  10. First off, your blog redesign is amazing!!! So stinkin' cute. Second, you should live in that pink top, seriously. It looks so good on you. I'm SO happy to have you along again for this challenge!

  11. Hey, Sarah! Love you in pink - it's a great color on you!! I also think that maxi dress is a fantastic find. It finds you very well and looks so flattering on your figure. Good choice!