Monday, August 11, 2014

Finally A Free Day to Catch Up

Friday I got home from work with this little surprise for Baby Fox. A friend from work had an extra one, and thought Baby Fox would like say that he liked it would be an understatment, he might have had it in his bed with him every night this weekend.

Fixing the table

Reading the next installment to Divergent...while Baby Fox plays in the dirt and Mini Fox naps...ah the life.

and then I got to go out with some girlfriends, what a great way to start the weekend!

The waitress was great with my food allergies, I have so many, she had to sit down

Ended up being a late night, not because I was out too late (I was home by 11) but because Mini Fox is teething...we were just about to go to bed when she started we ended up giving her some medicine and feeding her about 1am.

Saturday we went guessed it ANOTHER birthday party!

The space under the stairs makes for a good play area, with the Birthday Boy

Bad picture of birthday boy...half closed eyes, not a good look
 They had enough food for an army I tell ya! These were super cute, easy way to spruce up cookies.

What's a party without a bounce house?

The food...homemade egg rolls...I would have eaten 20 of these things if I could have...

Enough pizza to feed...a small village

Mini Fox's first fruit pouch/ first taste of fruit. I think she liked it, but not as much as broccoli.

First taste of pizza too, what you see missing there is pretty much all she got, the last bite she sort of choked and spit it up, so we stopped giving her that.

Cake from Kings Hawaiian (yep those people that make the rolls), I hear it's super good cake

Another cake from there, chocolate

Baby Fox pretty much ate just the frosting, with a little cake thrown in for good measure

Believe it or not, this is his "cheese" face
 Before leaving had to hit up the bounce house!

On the way cute!

Baby Fox picked out a Zebra...Mini Fox "picked" out a money, somehow the zebra ended up in my purse this morning...

When we got home, everyone down for a nap, even Mr...I had the house to I did this:

Backing up all of our pictures, since our hard drive is about to crash, showing signs of wanting to crash, I panicked and we got some flash drives and made two DVD's of everything, one to bring to my work and one to bring to Mr's we are covered...I did this all weekend...seriously, it takes time to make that many DVDs!

After naps Baby Fox's blankie HAD to be washed...he was NOT happy about it.

Poor guy, I might have bribed him to stop crying by telling him I was taking him to Costco...

For this:

And then we saw the forklift guy and followed him around the store until we couldn't any more

When we got home Baby Fox and Mr. went swimming...and guess what Baby Fox did?

We couldn't be more proud...

Sunday was pretty much a catch up day, we stayed home the whole day, I made DVD's, Baby Fox watched some tv, played a little. Mr. read the Divergent book (yep he started and finished yesterday, I wish I could read that fast), and I installed these:

So far in the 3 hours we had it, they were amazing! Love that I can pull out a drawer instead of having to get on my hands and knees to get stuff out...once the bottle and pump stuff are gone from the top drawer I am going to put all of Baby and Mini Fox's plastic plates and bowls in there. Right now they sit on top of our everyday plates, it's insanity I tell ya!

And that's pretty much our weekend in a lot of I need to really start working on Mini Fox's birthday party...I am not going to procrastinate, I am not going to procrastinate...

What did you do this weekend?
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  1. Wow! Busy busy weekend! Your children are beautiful. :)


  2. Looks like a fun filled weekend! Those eggrolls look amazing mmmm

    Thanks for linking up :)
    Showered With Design

  3. That birthday party makes me feel like all they pretty much had were pizzas and cake lol. Holy cow did they have a lot of pizzas! I do like those flip-flop cookies though! I want to have those pull out drawers for my kitchen! They are super handy. Where did you buy it?

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  5. Oh my gosh!! I love it when kids bring their fave toys (or whatever) to bed! It will be fun to see what Mia chooses as she gets older!
    All that junk food at the birthday party looks ridiculously delish at almost 7:30am... I want to dive through the computer screen and eat it up, HA!

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