Monday, August 18, 2014

Sick, sick, sick

Friday was a no work day for me, so I took the kids to an outdoor mall, and asked my dad if he wanted to go with, he of course jumped at the chance. Baby Fox wanted to ride the carousal. Mini Fox loved it, or at least was interested in everything that was going on...

When we got home Baby Fox wanted to play hide and seek, I think this was a pretty good spot.

Mini Fox practiced her guitar skills

After Mr. got home from work, I worked on this...craft project for Mini Fox's birthday party!

Crafting while the boys swim and the baby sleeps, perfect evening in my book!

Saturday I woke up totally sick, well I was sort of sick on Friday but was able to fight through it, but Saturday my voice went to "sexy sick voice" (Friends reference anyone?) and had to skip out on my cousin's baby shower, I was so sad and disappointed to miss it. But my Mom and Sister came and got my gift, so at least she still got my gift...sad face. Oh and Mini Fox is sick too, stuffy nose, poor thing can't breathe, and HATES the snot sucker with a passion.

I got some good snuggle time in

Mini Fox loves herself some eggs...

Love those two little teeth there at the bottom, so cute! Although we need the other teeth to come in because we've been in teething hell for a couple of weeks now!
 Exploring her brother's stool. Baby Fox leaves his stool in here because he likes to stand on it and play with her while we change her diaper. We were taking it back everyday, but Baby Fox kept dragging it back in there, so it's now a permanent structure in her room.

Yep it was a jammy day for her too

Mr. and Baby Fox's selfie, love it!

Not many pictures taken Saturday, but we did have some good laundry basket races.

Although she wore jammies all day, we did feel she needed new jammies. She heard them playing in the hallway and wanted in on the action, so we're mid jammy change.

 Yes I am still wearing the same thing I was I didn't get out of my pj's

Love her in polka dots, it says "Little Sister"

Sunday I was feeling much better.

The boys watching some TV before heading out to the park.

I went and did some retail therapy with these gals. We are going to do some damage when these girls get older...I'm worried!

Someone actually fell asleep in the stroller, miracle of all miracles.

This lady bought a mini iPad, FYI, they are $200 at Target right now.

Waiting for her Mommy to try on some clothes...she was not impressed with my silly faces.

When we got home, the boys went swimming.

And she wanted to go swimming.

Like stood here for a good 5 minutes pounding the door. Poor thing, if only she wasn't sick...

And I made pot roast for dinner, yum! You should make it, super easy! Although we change the recipe at bit and add WAY more 3-4 times as much...cause just one onion doesn't cut it for us. I also add a bit more apple cider vinegar.

food was my thought, not presentation, so forgive the heap of food on my plate, it was delicious and will be eaten again tonight!
Besides being sick, I had a good weekend, got a new pair of jeans and sweater, so that made me insanely happy. Come on cold weather! FYI: It was 92° yesterday...doesn't look like it's coming any time soon.

The next two weekends we have NOTHING planned, shocking I know, I can't wait!

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  1. Love the photo of mini fox enjoying her eggs! so cute.
    Just discovered your blog. I love the foxy lane series. You guys have done a great job with your home. We still have one section of our home that still needs some work, but after the kids came, we kinda just lived with it, lol! Now that the kids are a little older, we're slowly starting to get back to it, hopefully.

  2. mini fox and her eggs.. that is a great picture!
    good to hear you are feeling better..
    laundry basket racing sounds fun

  3. hahaha over the laundry basket pic! hilarious
    hope you're feeling better!!

  4. Hope your feeling better, yay for birthday crafts!!

  5. it is tough being sick and being a momma, those two don't go very well together. im glad you are feeling better now! enjoy your next two free weekends

  6. Love the guitar pic! For being sick you look great! I always look like I got run over, not fair man! Love mini's pink and white dress too. glad you are feeling better! Come on cold weather, I'd be fine with it coming anytime.

  7. Bummer that you didn't feel well, but it still looks like such a great weekend! Those carousel pics are adorable!