Tuesday, May 17, 2016

5 Things I've Learned From My Hair Challenge

Hi Foxy Friends! I'm about 20 weeks into my hair challenge, so I thought I would update you all on the things that I've learned from doing my hair intentionally every week for the past 20 weeks. Maybe it will be something that you'll want to do too, and you'll join me in the next 22 weeks! Wow, only 32 weeks left of the year, seriously, where has the time gone? So here we go:

In no particular order...but first...
*I did buy these with my own money, but linked products are affiliates and I will receive a small commission if you click on it. Thank you for your support!

I actually really do like doing my hair. I was stuck in the I wear my hair down for about half the day and then throw it up in a pony tail. I thought this challenge was going to be so hard, and it was for the first few weeks, but then I just worked it into my everyday routine and now it's turned into something I just do. My go to hair styles at 4am...is a small braid bobby pinned to the back of my head. Super fast and easy to do but makes you look like you actually tried.

A new favorite is the small top knot on top of my head. It might be one that I do at least once a week.

I learned how to use a bobby pin correctly. Have you been using them correctly? And you know what? It does look better and work better, why am I just learning this now?!

Oh and these are the bobby pins I use. They're called Diane's and they're great, they come in black and bronze, I got them on Amazon for $5.89 for 300, deal of the century. They're super thick and not flimsy like the ones at the grocery store.


I used to wash my hair every night...sometimes when I was feeling really adventurous I would go every other night once a week...I know daring. But what I've realized doing this challenge, that your hair needs time to just be, use it's natural oils and be a little dirty. Also dirty hair really makes for the best hair styles, the dirtier the better. It took some times, but I can go up to 5 days without washing my hair, it's awesome, amazing, and I don't get the hair oil running down my face like I used to (I know you know what I'm talking about). I'm writing up a post now how I got to this point, so stay tuned. This braided crown works the best with super dirty hair.

You might ask, what products do I use? Well glad you asked. Remember this post when I bought a bunch of stuff? Well I've used it all and have found that my favorite products are the Tame Frizz Taming Crème* (far right) for when I do curls. I try to do curls on second day hair and I rub this stuff in my hands and sort of disperse it throughout my hair and my hair smells fanstastic, but holds a curl really, really well. The second thing I love is the Dry Wax* (second from left), which I use to tame all of my fly aways. You wonder how I can control some of it? It's with dry wax, it's going to be your best friend. It also helps to dirty your hair up a bit, gives it some grit and texture when doing braids.

I also like using the Rockin Gel Pomade*, but not as much as the dry wax. The pomade I really only use when I'm braiding small sections and need to tame the fly aways.

The other products I love is my dry shampoo. My best friend...I've tried four of them...the first 2 were not so great, but felt the obligation to finish it...boo, the third one..Amika Dry Shampoo, seriously folks, it's worth the money!

And the second product that I really love is the Amika Un-done Texture Spray, seriously this stuff is amazing. For those of you with thin hair...you HAVE to get this! It just gives your hair volume. I have no idea how it does it, but it does! You just lift your hair, spray at roots and BAM volume. It also gives your hair some texture and dirtiness to help with hair styles. This is really only for dirtying up your hair and giving you some volume...the dry wax is going to leave somewhat of a sticky residue...so use that for when you're sort of finishing your style and want to tame some fly aways.

One last product that I really love, my shampoo. I do switch between shampoos pretty much every wash, but the one I like the best and has really helped my hair to go the longest between washes is one I picked up at Target because it was on the Cartwheel, and of course you know what? I forgot to use the stupid thing when I checked out...darn! Oh well, it's called Hair Food...seriously that's what it's called. I have the shampoo* and conditioner*, they're each $10 and worth every penny!

I love doing other people's hair. Like I had no idea, but whenever I get the chance I do someone's hair I will. Not joke, we were in line at Disneyland on Friday and I was doing my friends daughters hair while teaching my friend how to French Braid and the two ladies with their kids wanted to learn and then I asked them if they wanted me to do their daughters hair, they jumped at the chance and asked if I could just come meet them every time they wanted to go to Disneyland.

My cousin's daughter before going to LEGOLAND I enticed her with awesome hair photos of kids the night before so when I asked her the next day she would jump at the chance (of course a braided crown)...hehe.

I want to try and teach everyone how to do hair...I had no idea I had this in me...perhaps I missed my calling and should have been a hair dresser instead? Not sure...but in case you wanted to start at the basics...I put together a tutorial on how to French braid. And guess what? Shaunacey tried it...and did a pretty darn good one if you ask me for a first time! Let me know if you try it, I'd love to see the pictures.

My question to you, would you like to see other hair videos? And if so, what do you want me to teach you?
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