Monday, May 2, 2016

April in Numbers

Today I'm linking up with Deena for my month in numbers. If you want to see my previous months, click here.

11 - The number of years our red luggage lived. After Mr. got back from Vegas he deemed that foot long tear in the bottom a deal breaker...good bye red luggage that I bought for our Honeymoon at Macy's for $60 (it came in a set of three, the largest luggage broke).

9 - The number of nights either Mr. or I was traveling this month.

2 - The number of trips that this family took to Vegas, once for me and once for Mr.

1 - The number of ribbon bouquets I made at bridal showers. If you need a ribbon bouquet I'm your girl...I should give lessons, hehe.

8 - The number of allergy shots I got this month. I finally made it to maintenance mode, I should be at 4 next month, woo hoo! It used to be I'm happy with this number :)

Taking a picture at a downward angle...not cute!
2,250 - The number of miles I drove this month...roughly.

316 - The number of pictures I took at the Flower Fields. I think we got a few good ones, which is all I'm asking. I need something for the calendar!

13 - The number of times I worked out. I'm aiming to workout 4-5 days a week next month. There I said it on the blog, therefore I have to do it. Keep me honest people.

22 - The number of hair styles I did this month, woo hoo! My favorite one by far!

21 - Posts written in April, wow, so many posts! I think my favorite was the one about meeting some of my fellow Blended Bloggers. So much fun
25 - The number of selfies I took. Actually that's not totally true, I took more, just got lazy and didn't post every single one from Vegas, I mean we're bloggers, what else are we going to do? P.S. I was all done with this post and was going over March's numbers and realized, HOW COULD I FORGET THE SELFIES! So I added it for you. You're welcome I'm sure you wanted to know how many I took!

27 - Outfits I wore in April, two not pictures, because then the graphic would be off...

That's all I have this month. What was a number from your month?

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