Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: Personal Style

Hello Foxy Friends! Back linking up with Andrea again for Show and Tell Tuesday. Unlike last time...when I misread the prompt and actually DID a pinterest...this time I think I've got it right...maybe...probably...

This time we're supposed to talk about "Our Personal Style", funny because over on The Blended Blog we're doing a series called Style Perspectives where each of the contributors picked their signature style and then the rest of us had to dress that prompt. It's been super fun to see how many different outfits can come out of one prompt. My prompt was White Pants, cause who doesn't love white pants? I know they can be intimidating, but really they go with anything and everything! Just carry a stain stick around and you're good to go.

I styled it 4 different ways:

Casual Look // Fancy Look // A Summer Look // All White Look

One of the prompts that I loved the most? Shaunacey's Bright Pants look. This short sleeved jacket was the very first consignment purchase I've ever made, at the time I just loved it, but had no idea how to wear it! Several years later...I finally styled it! Took me long enough right?

I've repeated this jacket several times since then. Once when The Blended Blog went to Vegas. Surprisingly it keeps you pretty warm. I"m sad that it's staring to fall apart, so not sure how many more uses I'm going to get out of it...boo!

But I think my favorite "Mom" look is pants/shorts, t-shirt, statment necklace of some sort. It's easy, I can throw it on quickly and be out the door in minutes.

And you can't forget a fun hairstyle! I started the Hair Challenge 2016 this year, and have no regretted it one bit. Yes it takes me a bit longer to get ready but having your hair done just makes you feel a little better about everything in general :)

  For those that are intimidated by hair, I put together an easy way that I French Braid. After watching many youtube Videos, I see that I don't necessarily braid like everyone else does, so I tried to record how I do it, hopefully it makes sense! Take a look and tell me what you think.

What is your personal Style? What are must haves in your closet that maybe I have to go buy...right now :)

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