Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Favorites #68 - The One with Pentatonix

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! It's Friday, woo hoo! I have the day off, I wanted to take Baby Fox to Disneyland, but not sure if it's going to rain, so it's up in the air...poor guy, I already promised him...we'll see what happens. If not this week, then I'm going to take half day next week, so he's not totally disappointed. Anyway, onto my favorites this week!

In case you missed it on the blog this week!


 Last Sunday, Mr. and I went on a double date with some good friends to dinner and a concert. The concert you ask? Pentatonix! Have you heard of them? Well if you've been living under a rock...they're an acapella group, who is so amazing, you're just standing there blown away by their talent. Seriously. See video below:

The concert started at 7:30, and we left our house at 3:30 (you just never know with LA traffic), and turns out Sunday traffic isn't too bad, we got there in a little over an hour and had the BEST dinner at Yard House. We sat there for 2.5 hours eating, laughing, talking....with NO children, I repeat, NO Children! It was glorious. We all said after dinner, wow that was amazing and the best part of the night hadn't even started yet! Didn't take any food pictures...was too busy stuffing my face.

Yerd House Near Staple Center

The great thing about the Microsoft Theater is there are so many great restaurants surrounding it. We walked out of Yard House, turned left and walked about 20 yards and there was the entrance to the Mircrosoft theater...and Staple Center, they have really made it a great place to be!

We got great seats as well!

Of course there were lots of selfies before the show.


The opening act. The first act wasn't anything to write home about, but the second one...amazing! They're called Us the Duo, they are a married couple who were trying to make it on their own but then realized that if they combined forces they could do so much more. They actually started on Vine 
and recorded John Legends All of Me first, they now have 5 Million subscribers on Vine...crazy right?

Definitely made a fan out of me, they are a married couple and are just the cutest thing ever. Click here to see an interview with them on how they met, got started as Us the Duo, and more.  Here's some video from the concert of them. Now off to go buy everything they have!

How cute are they?

We were already on a high from Us the Duo and then out comes 30 minutes later...hehe. It was a sold out show, so there were a lot of people in that theater...we actually ended up with pretty good seats, not sure how that happened. Anyway.

The concert was amazing! I'll let these clips I put together speak for themselves...

One of my favorite things was when Kevin was on his cello and started to beat box, and then the group did a number with the cello was just adds another dimension that I love.

They even pulled up fans from the audience to sing with them, I'm fairly certain the girl sitting to the right (our right) of Scott was the daughter of the two guys in front of us, they were so excited and filmed the whole thing.

Overall it was one of the best nights, we got away with friends, had a leisure 2.5 dinner followed by the most amazing concert! Hope to have some more of these fun dates in the future!

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