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Show and Tell Tuesday: Favorite Vacation

Hi Foxy Friends! I'm somewhat recovered from the weekend...not really, but let's pretend that I am. We were so busy that even grocery shopping didn't get done...that's all I have to say about that. Fear not I went after work yesterday with the kids...fun times.

Today I'm linking up with Andrea for her Show and Tell Tuesday: Favorite Vacation. I've talked about this before, here (my top 5 vacations without kids), here (my all time favorite vacation with and without kids) and here (our Tahoe Trip with the kids) but since I have a lot of new readers I thought I would go down memory lane and talk about them again and add in some new ones we've done since.

I find that each vacation is my favorite for different reasons. Driving up and down the East Coast, Traveling Europe, Camping trips, but hands down my favorite vacation of all time was our Honeymoon. Mr. surprised me with our honeymoon, it was almost 3 weeks of the best vacation ever!
We didn't live together before we got married, so this was the first time that we were together 24/7 for an extended amount of time, our honeymoon was 18 days, and that's 16 more days together then we had ever previously done. And guess what, we didn't fight once and we were excited and wanted to spend even more time together after we got back. Match made in heaven right?

We flew into Tahiti and actually stayed in a hotel for about 8 hours before leaving to catch our plane to Moorea.

The next day we caught our plane to Moorea (about a 45 minute trip)...and yep that's our boarding pass, it's laminated and reusable...

The lobby at the Pearl Resort in Moorea

The pool area at this hotel, I happen to take the picture when they were doing water aerobics.

Yep that's the pool and then the ocean, cool right?
They decorated the place for us. Every night we got a new flower decoration.

We did a lot of snorkeling.

We took a day trip to swim with sting rays, sharks and turtles...
The reason I'm always wearing shirts in the pictures is because I am allergic to SPF, so I try to cover up when I can

Yep we actually took this pictures, they set out a set of buoys with some rope between them, and then told the sharks to stay on that side of the rope...not even joking. I figured I could swim faster then the lady over there, so I was okay.

We took a bike ride and found the coolest ice cream cone. Double scoop...but it's side by side, crazy right? But totally makes sense if you ask me.

Onto the next part of the trip, Bora Bora!

Another plane, but this time it's a bigger plane, phew. It was about a 3 hour plane trip.

Bora Bora is made up of lots of little islands, the airport is on it's own island and then each hotel has it's own island too, so you take a boat everywhere. We stayed at another Pearl Resort.

The Lobby

We did a lot of laying out and reading...

We switched rooms after a few days to an over the water hut.

Outside the back door

Kayaking just outside of our hut...we went out to where the waves were breaking. This was on our way back, I wish we had gotten some pictures of where we went, it was pretty cool to see people surfing in what seemed like the middle of the ocean.
We went on a horseback riding tour, the owner, Olevia, gave us a great tour of Bora Bora too. Since our hotel was exactly on the opposite side of where we were going, he took us one way there, and the other way to complete the circle home. It was great.
That's where we were staying behind us

We did a lot of this too

We each had our own bucket of ice to put our drinks when we weren't drinking them, since it was so hot, our drinks would warm up in 2 seconds if we didn't

We figured we were on our honeymoon, let's take a helicopter ride too.

Not our hotel, this is the Four Seasons they were building and was to open, I think later that year
Back on another plane and back to the very first hotel we stayed at in Tahiti for 8 hours. This time we stayed for 3 days. The view from the lobby.

We went to this restaurant, and it was a super scary drive, but the view was worth it, too bad I didn't get a picture, darn.

Everyday they had feeding the sting rays, of course we're going to do that.

We also took surf lessons, super hard! I can't find the picture, and not even sure if we took one, boo!

If you want more pictures of the horseback riding, pictures of the inside of our rooms we stayed in, click here.

Now that the kids are getting a little older, we are really excited to start exploring and traveling more with them. We are headed out to Lake Arrowhead in a few weeks with some friends, that should be fun, and we are potentially going to head to somewhere tropical at the end of the year! Really hoping it works out!

So what is your favorite vacation?

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