Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Favorites #70

In case you missed it this week, I seemed to have been in the mood to create a lot of lists for you...hmmm,, go figure.


What happens when your kid gets a hold of your phone for 2 seconds...

Some other things going on around here...

My MIL came to town for 23 hours...we didn't do much but we did go to Target to get the kids some stuff. They love riding on those yellow bumps in the front of Target.

They also love when my MIL comes because I sit between the two car seats.

We finished off the visit with dinner at our favorite Mexican place and they still had the Cinco De Mayo stuff up.

Hey wait, let's do a throw back Friday for a 3 years ago...

Daddy makes the best horsey in town.

My MIL brought Mr.'s favorite chocolate from Seattle with her and this is what he did because he didn't want to share...

A close up...a dome that I can't reach...he thought he was so funny.
You guys I am almost done with wearing my closet! Seriously, I'm starting to wear the things I didn't really want to wear, but I'm doing it away, because, I'm wearing my closet. Turns out I actually like some of the the things I didn't think I did, example...the bottom left olive blouse. I wore for a Halloween costume one year, in 2013. It was time for me to figure out what I wanted to do with it.

Who else needs to make these like stat? They always make these look so easy, are they really that easy in real life? Please say it is!

Happy Friday! I have today off, hoping I'm not too sick, we have two birthday parties on Saturday and a fun pirate outing on Sunday...fingers crossed I feel better tomorrow!

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