Monday, May 30, 2016

Let's Talk: Summer Plans

Hi Foxy Friends! Happy Memorial Day for those that are in the U.S. Everyday I'm thankful for those men and woman in the service who gave their lives so I can live the life I have today.

Today I'm linking up with Andrea for her Let's Talk Series, today's topic is what we have planned this Summer.

We have two mini trips planned this summer. The first one we're going to a lake nearby with some friends. We're super excited about that, and we expect to get no sleep. As the people we're going with...their kids typically wake up 3 hours before ours...think about that...three hours before our kids ever wake up...wish us luck, 6 adults and 7 kids in one cabin.

Not where we are going, a different lake
The next trip we have planned is for the end of July, we're going to LEGOLAND with my cousins and all of their kids. So excited to get to spend some time with my cousins. I know Baby and Mini Fox are super excited to spend the night at the LEGOLAND Hotel and go to the water park, which they have been dying to go to.

Just add 3 more kids to this picture for next time!
Other then those two trips, we don't have much planned. Probably a lot of this is going to happen.

And both of the kids are going to get a lot of these this summer....swim lessons! Trust me, he's forgotten how to do this! And Mini Fox is going to get water safe.

The Beach, now that Mini Fox is a little older, we're going to be hitting up the beach as much as we can.

Bubbles, lots of bubbles...

I think the Park is calling our name too.

And maybe we'll add in some fun dinner dates at the park with friends.

Also planning Baby Fox's half birthday party...he wants another Super Hero thing, so expect lots of Super Hero stuff coming your way.

Seems like a pretty busy summer to me. Before we know it Halloween is going to be here...and boy do I have something pretty spectacular up my sleeve for our costumes this year! Stay tuned...really hoping that it turns out as good as I think it can be in my head...

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