Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sentence A Day: April Edition

I got this idea from Pinky...who got it from Rebecca. I thought it was such a good idea that I shared it with The Blended Blog Ladies and some of us decided to do it too. I just love how it's one sentence, so you have to be really intentional with how you word it to make you remember how you were feeling that day when you wrote it. We're going to do it again for the Month of May, so link up with us on June 2nd!


1 - I ate a full piece of pizza for the first time in 8 years, and didn't get sick!

2 - Our 11 year anniversary was spent on afternoon dates with the kids and then a movie and a dinner date.

3 - The kids ate at Korean BBQ, I repeat the kids at Korean BBQ, liked it and asked for more.

4 - Mr. left for a week, insert sad face.

5 - Baby Fox finally got to do gymnastics at the gym and had homemade French fries, delicious!

6 - No gym because Baby Fox threw a massive screaming, crying fit.

7 -  Been eating Thai food all week because I was too lazy to cook.

8 - Red Box movie and cookies with the kids.

9 - Mr. Is home from his business trip!!!

10 - Family fun day at the Carlsbad flower fields 

11 - Mini Fox is all about Daddy

12 -  Car races down the slide with Baby Fox

13 - Back at R.I.P.P.E.D. To the Core...I love this class so much.

14 - Driving to Vegas to meet The Blended Blog Ladies!!!!!!!

15 - First day of BAM, not sure if I like this conference thing.

16 - The conference ROCKED today and had the best time staying up late chatting and laughing

17 - My love language...shopping all day with my best gals!

18 - So hard to get back into the swing of things after such a great weekend

19 - Birthday dinner at parents house for my dad's 70th birthday!

20 - I got a bunch of allergy testing on my back...soooo uncomfortable!

21 - Only one more day before I get my patch testing off!

22 - I was more allergic to the tape of the patch test than the tests themselves, darn it!

23 - Chuck E Cheese birthday party followed by Baby Fox's hair cut.

24 - Went swimming after breakfast and the kids loved that I got in the pool, must do that more.

25 - Helped out a friend in the hospital and entertained her kids for the evening.

26 - HIIT, I have no idea what it stands for other than the toughest, butt kicking workout ever! (Turns out it stands for High Intensity Interval Training)

27 -  Wasn't sure if I could do my R.I.P.P.E.D to the Core today but did okay and felt great, phew!

28 - Took the kids to the mall for dinner, perfect night with them.

29 - Mr. is home and it's the weekend!!!!!

30 - Had a craving for onion rings, got some and was disappointed.

That's it for this month! So much fun, re-reading these that I've written. I was debating to add photos to each one of these, but realized I don't have one from each day...so figure, eh.

Now go check out the other ladies that did it this month. I hope to see some of you next month!

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