Monday, May 16, 2016

$10 Target Haul: May Edition

Back linking up with Becky, Beth, Courtney. Elizabeth, Rachel, Stephanie, Tif  and Whitney to show what we got for just $10 at Target.

This month seemed a lot harder than other months, it's probably because I never got to Target by myself this month. The one time I did get there I was with Mini Fox and we had a limited amount of time at Target, darn. So I couldn't walk the isles like I normally do. This is what I found.
Pretty limited this month. I found the glow sticks in the dollar bin, and thought they would be fun for the kids. Cause you doesn't like glow sticks? I might have to bring them next time we go to Disneyland. Or putting them in a bubble bath with the fun is that?
So that was $4, and I needed something else but I couldn't find anything. I did however need some more hair, I got a bottle of my current favorite and called it a day.
Of course I was slightly under I guess that means I get to spend $0.29 extra next month right?
That's all for this time, hopefully I can find some good stuff next month.
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