Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Favorites #69

In case you missed it on the blog this week:

Monday: Kids Behind the Blog (Videos included)

These we taken the last part of April, but for some reason I haven't really been doing weekend recaps, I'm going to do it here for now. These two just love each other so much. I love that they even share a single stroller. When I take them to the gym, they have to go to separate places and when they are reunited they run to each other like it's been years since they saw each other instead of just an hour, but that hug is the best hug ever. Same with nap time, whenever she wakes up from a nap, they hug each other like they are long lost siblings.

These two kids made the best Mother's Day perfect is this? Super cute right? They told me that it was hard to explain the concept to Mini Fox...but I think she did pretty good for 2. I love it so much! It's currently on my mantel.
*This is picture heavy, skip to #4 if you don't want a Disneyland Recap

Like I said last Friday I was going to take Baby Fox to Disneyland to experience Paint the Night Parade (aka Electrical Lights Parade) and the fireworks display. It didn't rain, we went despite the clouds and had a great time!  Fresh from school and ready for some Disneyland.

He really enjoys the Stars Wars Launch Bay, they have video games and stuff to look at from the movies and then if you walk upstairs you can meet the characters.

Then we hit up Star Tours, he was so excited, his first time and he LOVED it, except the light speed, he said he didn't really like that part. All night he asked to go on it again.

After that we hit up Autopia, he told me he wanted to drive...can I say good thing he still has a few years to go, he's a crazy driver!

Then of course we need a churro break right?

Then we hit up Buzz Lightyear, I dominated...yep over my 5 year old...

I tried to get a picture of scores on the same

Then we headed out to ride on Dumbo. Had to take this picture, there wasn't anyone around!

Then we met up with some friends, they wanted to go on one ride before dinner...Baby Fox...he did not want to go on the Carousal and wanted to get dinner...haha.

There wasn't more than a 30 minute wait on anything and the kids were great waiting the two hours for the parade to start! I know people are crazy, but when in Rome...we grabbed dinner after the Carousal and headed to get a spot for both the parade and the fireworks show. We got a great seat right in front of the castle!

And then waited...and waited...and waited...but then it got dark and the magic happened!

Tinkerbell started the parade.

Monsters Inc!

Waving at one of the Princesses.

Probably this one...

Minnie and Mickey ended the parade...

The paraded ended and all we had to do was turn around to watch the fireworks...worth the 2 hour wait! Except...there was too much wind and there was no fireworks...but the kid didn't know Baby Fox said it was worth the 2 hour wait to see the parade.

It was so cool being this close to the castle without people blocking the way...highly reccomend!

Saturday we headed out to our cousin's 1st birthday party! And guess what was there? An In and Out truck! How fun is that?

We got our orders in early...we were actually on time for the party, miracle of all miracles there was no LA traffic.

The you see that over there? It's a hamburger! 

The birthday smash cake EVER! Usually the kids are all hesitant...but not this little guy, it was awesome.

1st Birthday Smash Cake

Although he did have some help to get it to that up there.

I sort of love this photo...perhaps we'll use this one instead of the one I did yesterday for the calendar...what do you think?

In and Out Hamburgers

I've been missing my weekly outfit posts, so here is two weeks worth of outfits. I missed a day because I forgot to take a picture, darn. But here it is. I'm actually getting to the end of my closet...I have a few t-shirts, some shirts I decided to giveaway and then some tank tops that I can't really wear to now what? What should be my new goal?

Outfit Of the Day

Hope everyone has a great weekend. My Mother In Law is coming to town for exactly 26 hours so we have to make the most of it!

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