Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Favorites #106

I am currently on another plane, headed home this time! And no more trips in the horizon! I think...I hope...Going to be a long day, flight is at 6:30am, get in to LA about 9:30 or so, and then I have a full day of physical therapy, ballet and t-ball...which me luck that I don't fall asleep.

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This week I've been on a business trip and Mr. did her hair on Sunday. How this hair came about I have no idea, but pretty impressive when I talked to them at 8pm that night it was still in tact.

I went to the hotel gym and you had to walk past all of these people to go to and come from the gym, talk about embarrassing.

But I did get a good workout in.

Also went to church where I am for ash Wednesday. My dad ended up taking the kids to a kids mass, he said it was really fun with all of the kids participating.

Looking a picture from this time last year...

Linking up with The Blended Blog again to share some of my favorite blog posts this week:

Nili wrote the perfect post about Lent, if you are wondering what it's really all about, go read her post right now.

Lisa always creates the best outfits. I just loved her how to style a denim jacket from this week.

I am so incredibly happy for a fellow blogger who announced her pregnancy on the blog yesterday! Go tell her congrats, I'm so excited for them and their growing family.

And now a Friday funny.

This is a make you feel good/good memories/funny/awesome video.

How was your week? Have a great weekend.

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