Wednesday, March 22, 2017

White Pants Are Back and Pancaking Small Braids

Happy Wednesday Foxy Friends! Spring has officially sprung and that means pastels and white pants are back right? Even though I love my dark colors,  there is just something about white that makes me happy. Adding some bright colors to white pants makes for such an easy outfit.


I love doing simple and easy hair styles to complete my outfits. It doesn't take much time on my side, but I think always makes an outfit more complete. This one I just twisted two sides of my hair and tied them in the back. Half up dos just scream Spring to me.

Another week of my Hair 101 series, last week I showed you how to pancake a braid. This week is part two, an easy style for your newly found pancake braiding skill. I do this hair style when I have dirty hair, and just want it off my face. It's one of the most basic hair styles you can do. I hope you enjoy!

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