Thursday, March 9, 2017

Girl Chat: Luck

I am so excited that Lizzie , Sierra , Danielle , Emily, and Lindsay are starting a new link up. I missed last month due to traveling last minute, but I'm hoping to join them each month. This month they've asked us to describe a time that you were really lucky. 

You know I haven't shopped at Victoria's Secret in so long, but back when Baby Fox was little, I had bought a few things from there, and they gave me one of those cards, come back between this time and this time and you can win up to $500 gift card. Usually people win a free pair of underwear or a free bra. I had almost forgotten I had it, and I was in the car ready to go to the mall, and remembered I had it and ran up stairs to grab that card. I figured, a free pair of underwear is better than nothing right? So I'm at the mall, and turn in the card and the sales lady looks at me sort of funny, I ask if everything is okay. She says yes, that she's never actually seen any win before. Then handed me the card and said, you just won a $500 gift card!

Woo hoo! Made this mama's day, and I really needed it too, I was feel down in the dumps and this really perked me back up. Can I tell you how hard it is to spend $500 in one afternoon with a baby? Because the promotion was ended I had 3 days to spend it. So the next day we drove out to a bigger Victoria's Secret, one that carried bathing suites and workout gear, which made it super easy to spend.

How have you been lucky in the past?

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