Monday, March 13, 2017

My Life in 5 Videos

Happy Monday Foxy Friends, I hope that you had a good weekend. Our weekend was very full and very fun! Today I thought I would share some videos I've been taking lately. Don't worry they are all under 30 seconds each. But this is my life lately in 5 videos. One of them is my bailing down a mountain...don't worry I was laughing and it was just funny that I feel just trying to stop.

Baby Fox is doing so well with baseball, he is loving every moment of it, which is all that matters right?

Nothing motivates someone like the prize of getting to wear goggles at the end of it. We did the same thing with Baby Fox, if she swam across the pool, he was allowed to wear goggles in the pool.

Then this happened, over and over. I can see what our summer is going to look like. Oh and in case you were wondering, yes we heated the pool, otherwise it was in the 60's.

A few weeks back I mentioned that Mr. and I went snowboarding...well this is me falling down the moutaing, gracefully? Maybe not, but it was funny.

Second time, phew, didn't fall, so much pressure when you're being filmed. It doesn't seem like we're going fast, but to me it seems super fast. Perhaps that means I can actually go fast, since in reality it's not that fast? Did that make sense? Hmmm...???

Alright that's enough embarrassment for one post. If you're having a bad day, hope this made you smile/giggle a little.

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