Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sentence a Day: February Edition

It's another month captured with one sentence a day. Hey it's only March 2nd, get on it and join us next month with one sentence a day!

1 - So glad that I went to the gym today, feeling much better about myself.

2- Wahhhhh, my baby is started school today.

3- First PT appointment, holy cow, he knows his stuff and I can feel a difference. 

4- LEGOLAND...again, just mom and kids.

5- Cousin Superbowl, 200 miles round trip, worth it!

6- Holy crap, they want Valentine's by Friday, I thought I had the weekend, quick get in the car!

7- UTAH, here we come!

8- Snowboarding all day and my ankle held up, so much fun!

9 - Ankle is not holding up, abort, abort...and eat yummy food

10 - Home to the babies, only to tell them I have to leave again for a work trip.

11 - Getting stuff done before I leave tomorrow, so much to do.

12 - This could be the $hittiest hotel ever, where am I?!

13 - Well that was a super productive day, that was unexpected.

14 - Spending Valentine's with my Aunt and Uncle and a homemade meal while on work travel, if I can't be with Mr. this is the next best thing.

15 - Missing the a lot.

16 - Nothing like a 5 mile run to remind you how weak you are, at least the views were pretty.

17 - Longest travel day EVER, if I wasn't so tired I would be pissed!

18 - Wasn't it suppose to rain?

19 - Church, donuts and In and Out, nothing can be better than this.

20 - Good day at PT, I feel like we're making some progress.

21 - Impromtu park play date was fun, so happy it's lighter later and we can hit up the park after work.

22 - Back at R.I.P.P.E.D class...feels so good!

23 - Holy cow, why is it so cold in February!

24 - Someone is getting glasses.

25 - Meeting at Apple about social media with Jenny, I actually learned a lot.

26 - Long day of travel!

27 - Productive day at work today.

28 - That might have been the best brownie of my life...Fat Tuesday to the fullest, see ya in 40 days!

P.S. Yes that is Carmel popcorn sprinkled around it

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