Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Favorites #110

In case you missed it this week:

Monday: 4 Kylie Lip Kit Swatches + Video
Tuesday: My Top 5 10 Favorite Photos
Wednesday: Ball Game Outfit + A Video On 2 Ways To Curl Your Hair
Thursday: Spring Blog Hop - Cute Spring Easy Hair Style

And a fun announcement. The ladies over on The Blended Blog are starting a new Spring Time Fun Monday link up for the next two months. Starting on this Monday, first topic is April Showers, take that prompt as you will, pictures of rain, pictures of what you would wear in the rain, pictures of  rainy day activities, your imagination is your limit. Join us each Monday for a fun link up!

Saturday during breakfast I asked Baby Fox if he wanted to learn how to read a face clock and he said yes, so while eating pancakes I taught him, he rocked it.

Then instead of having to draw out a clock every time, we made our own and Mr. somehow had saved my compass and it made this engineers heart so happy to see my son using it :)

After breakfast our morning was filled with baseball.

Then soccer right afterwards. The first time this will happen in a while. Love when a plan works out.

That night we went to dinner with some good friends to celebrate Mr.'s birthday. We left all of our kids at our house with a babysitter and went out for 3 hours, can you imagine, eating dinner for 3 hours? It was amazing is what I'm telling you.

Then Sunday we laid low as I was totally sick, boo! At least I held out for our date night.

Linking up with The Blended Blog for some Friday Loves.

Marva wrote a beautiful post last week about being bold when you want to run and hide. I just love how she intertwined God and him knowing what he's doing and you have to trust in Him and push through all that worry and uncertainty.

I'm loving Deena's new project, where she is taking her grandmother's recipe book and making it into a book for her family. She's making it extra special by interviewing her grandfather and her aunts and uncles so she can add little stories inside the book near each recipe, how amazing is that? 

She also shared her Grandmothers biscuit recipe over on The Blended Blog. Go check out that here, it makes my mouth water just looking at it, don't you agree?

It's the end of the month so I wanted to recap all of the Hair 101 videos I've done this month. I hope you are finding these helpful!

As always here are some videos around the internet I'm loving this week.

Just when you think people only look out for themselves, you see this and you have renewed hope.

How cool is it that two people who are complete strangers can play something so beautiful together. Music is a language that everyone canspeak

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