Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My Top 5 Pictures

Back again linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell, this time we're showing our top 5 photos...or 10 or however many if we can't decide. I think I'm going to do my top 5 before Mini Fox, and then My Top five as a family of 4, it's just too hard to choose!

| ONE |

With our 12 year anniversary coming up, I can't help but remember our wedding, and my favorite photo taken that day.

| TWO |

I could have chosen our first photo of us as a family of 3, but nope, this one takes the cake. I can't help but laugh every time I see it. Baby Fox had issues with food and not wanting to eat it. When we tried food at 6 months, we tried everything. He had so many food faces that he made while trying new food. This is him trying carrots for the first time. I basically had the camera in one hand and food in the other and hit the shutter button at the same time I fed him the food. I didn't realize how awesome it turned out until I downloaded them.

P.S. He had so many food faces we made a whole book of them. For example:

Did even want to try this...pushing our hand away, lol.


This is a runner up, but couldn't help but add it. My grandfather had just passed away and we were gathering after the funeral at my parents house and Baby Fox just knew that she was feeling sad and gave grandma a big wet slobbery kiss, which up until this point he had never done before. He gave her several kisses and it just made my grandma's heart sore knowing that it was his first kiss and that Grandpa was probably making it all happen.


There is just something about the way they are looking at each other that melts this Mama heart.

|  FOUR |

| FIVE |

My last picture with Baby Fox before I gave birth to Mini Fox. This was probably 3 hours before Mini Fox came, it was a whirl wind of a birth and the very next day he was a big brother.

Now onto pictures after Mini Fox was born:

| ONE |

Our first picture as a family of four. Baby Fox was so enamored with his baby sister and immediately asked if we could take her home that minute. And he's been smitten every since.

| TWO |

Mini Fox was not in a smiling mood this day, but I just love the pure look of joy on Baby Fox's face. We may or may not be doing some beach pictures again this year.

 | THREE |

The love these two share is unbelievable. I love their relationship, and can only hope that it continues as they get older.

| FOUR |

Our very first airplane ride family vacation and it could not have gone any better! The kids did great and had a blast and are continually are asking when we can go back.


| FIVE |

I know we used a different photo for our Christmas Card this year, but this picture was my favorite. The photographer told me and Mr. to kiss, and this is what the kids did...I just melted when I saw this picture.  It's a little blurry, but I don't care, it is just too cute and I love everything about it.

Okay so that was 10 11, but I couldn't help myself. I realize now looking back at them that they might not be the best pictures or photography out there, but the meaning behind them makes them so special to me.  Hope you didn't mind!

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