Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Favorites #124

Happy Friday Foxy Friends. I spent most of the week off, so today is my only day in the office. Yesterday I was out sick, boo! But today feeling slightly better, with the help of of OTC meds. What would I do without them, perish I die I bet. Anyway, here are my Friday Favorites.

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In case you missed it this week.
Wednesday: 4th of July Outfit

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Saturday we had a bunch of friends over for a pool day. We thought it was going to be too cool, but it turned out just perfect weather for swimming. A bonus...the adults didn't have to get into the water. We were able to sit on the sidelines and the let the kids swim. I am going to like this stage of life...

One adult did get in because he wanted to, but didn't have to...

Lunch break.

More swimming then a watermelon break.

And then they got to try these out, I'm making them for a special blog hop coming up at the end of the month, I needed everyone's opinion on which one I should go with. It was unanimous which one it should and shouldn't be. Now to take pictures for the blog post.

Sunday was a lazy day and the kids and Mr. planted some seeds that one of the kids got from school.

I got a much needed hair cut, 7 months is WAY too long to go, but now my hair feels SOOOO short!

It was warm and the kids wanted to go swimming again, so they did, Mini Fox wanted to try out the snorkel.

Then I decided to get in.

Then my dad came over for a BBQ and we ate dinner outside, best way to end the day.

Monday we headed out to my cousins house for her daughters 7th birthday party, and some bike decorating! It's a family tradition that we decorate bikes for the 4th of July parade the next day. On the road, 100 miles, and the kids did great.
There was the BEST face painter there, I mean look at her set up...never seen that before!

Birthday girl up first.

All the kids waiting to get their faces painted.

Mini Fox was second to last, she kept asking me to take pictures every time the lady stopped to get more paint...then asked me to show her so she could see the progress, it was super cute.

Baby Fox was up last, and got a dragon, then all the kids went a second and some a third and forth time, so fun.

Two of the best ones...this one...

and this one, how cool is it when she opened her mouth the dinosaur opened his too?

Then came the bike decorating.

After birthday cupcakes.

Wish I would have jumped in one, but I was there, promise.

Present opening.

And we rounded out the evening with a hula hoop contest/freeze dance.

We then all spent the night, all the girls in with my cousin. Mini Fox did so good!

Everyone was up the next morning around 6am, but Mini Fox, she slept until 8:30! This was taken about 8:15am.

 Everyone was up and ready to tackle the day, first up waffles for everyone.
Then we let the kids veg out and watch a movie...Inside Out I believe.
Finally it was time to leave for the parade and the kids were so stinkin excited!

After the parade we came back the adults got breakfast and we hung out for a while until nap time for everyone.

I did my niece's hair (I call her niece, but really she is my second cousin? Is that how that works, my cousin's kid?), anyway, I did this to her hair. Next time I'm going to put the two outside points a little higher.

Everyone got a two hour nap, and we were off to my aunt and uncle's house for some 4th of July fun.

Mini Fox couldn't wait for her cotton candy. Look at that face, so excited!

There was some sack races

And the boys played...I forget the name, but some basketball thing. Round robin?

Then it was time to head out to get our spots for the fireworks, we got our passes to a special spot, and headed over.
The fireworks didn't disappoint, and were fantastic! I just love this tradition of ours, and hope that it can last forever! I love all the cousins getting time together, and even though there no one gets much sleep, it's the best time ever!

As usual some stuff around the internet that I've been loving.

These are just too cute! I love them all.

So cool that this mom created this to help her son eat more healthy foods. She uses all natural ingredients to get those amazing!

LOL, this is me all day every day...what about you? Can you relate?
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