Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lemon Shorts and A Basic Tee

Happy Wednesday Foxy Friends! Today you're getting a two for one, also linking up with  Shay, Mel and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday.

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What I'm wearing:

I'm sharing a pair of shorts that I got at Target, and as soon as I saw the lemons I knew that I HAD to have them. I mean cute fruit on shorts, yes please! I was trying to figure out what top to wear, and I tried on this simple teal tee and thought it actually looked pretty good together, even though the leaves of the shorts and the shirt don't really match...

The necklace was made by my super talented friend Jackie from BEXO "Be Xtraordinary" She has such a great jewelry line! She is not paying me to say this, I genuinely think this, I knew her before she started her line, so there's that. I can say, I knew her when, hehe. Anyway, go check out her stuff, it's pretty awesome!

Last week I showed you this hair style with a dressier look so I decided to show you how this hair style works with a casual look too.

And you knew I had to include one silly picture.

What we're eating this week:

Sunday: Last night we had Steak, homemade mac and cheese and corn on the cob. 
Monday: Left over steak and some broccoli
Tuesday: Crock-Pot shredded beef bowls (put beef in crock pot, use these Crock-Pot liners for easy clean up, they are life changing, seriously, pour 28oz of enchilada sauce over meat, cook on low for 8 hours)
Wednesday: Left over beef bowls
Thursday-Saturday: Will figure out on those day, haha! #realife.

What I'm reminiscing about:

Mini Fox finished her first year of preschool and for her showcase, she sang Let It Go from Frozen, which is exactly the same song that Baby Fox sang for his first showcase at the same preschool. Not planned, but that's what she wanted to do, she didn't even know that's what he sang, I'm sure that he doesn't even remember, doing that, haha.

What I'm loving:

Summer! Some lazy days, mixed with super busy ones and lots and lots of friends and family time.

What we've been up to:

Swim lessons, more swimming, hanging out with friends, and trying to get to the gym and working out.

What I'm dreading:

We have a lot of trips coming up all which involve a lot of driving. Basically for the next 6 weeks, were traveling 5+ hours every other week. The last week of August, it's a 7 hour drive I think? Then we want to do some other things on our not traveling weekends and that of course involves Southern California traffic.  But at least I know we are going to have a blast with whatever we do.

What I'm working on:

Working out, yesterday I shared my favorite workout videos, but I have GOT to lose these last 5 pounds, well now it's like 2, so I guess #progress. I'm finding some new workout classes that get me motivated and work muscles that I don't normally use or workout.

What I'm excited about:

On the flip side to the dreading thing....excited for all of the long weekends ahead of us. I know the next 6 weeks are going to fly by, and we're going to have so much fun hanging out with family and friends on our trips. Plus, one of the trips includes camping, legit camping guys, speaking of which I should practice setting up the tent.

What I'm watching/reading:

Well besides reading all of your lovely blogs, not much. Sad I know. I keep saying I will, but life needs to slow down a bit, balance is hard. I need to take notes from Shaunacey and get the books on tape. Anyway, Mr. and I have been obsessed with this show. It's in it's final season, and it's super interesting. It's about the revolutionary war, if you don't know anything about it, watch it. Obviously it's not totally accurate, but it is somewhat accurate and we're loving all of the characters and the spy rings, and George Washington, going to be sad when it ends in a couple of weeks. We zoomed through the first 3 seasons (I think on Netflix, or was it Amazon Prime?) and we're on the final season that is playing on AMC right now.

What I'm listening to:

YouTube music, there are so many talented people out there. These are currently on repeat for me.

What I'm doing this weekend:

We are headed to Sequoia! So excited to spend some time with my Brother and Sister-In-Law. Leaving on Friday and coming home Sunday at some point and probably taking Monday off of work to relax and catch up with house stuff.

What I'm looking forward to next month: 

Looking forward to our trips, spending some times with a good friend and her family for 3.5 days, and Baby Fox starting 1st grade at a new school! It's going to be his first time going to school for a full day, Kindergarten where we live was only 2.5 hours. So he's going from 3.5 hours to 7 hours, huge difference.  Plus I get to use these for the kids now!

What's your favorite thing about Summer:

My absolute favorite thing about summer, is that after I get home from work we still get a good 2.5 hours light out, which means we can do so many things outside, like swimming!

Last thing, in case you want to see the hair tutorial I did on the French Braid to Top Knot, here is it!

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