Thursday, July 13, 2017

Girl Chat: A Million Dollars

Linking up with Lizzie , Sierra , Danielle , Emily, and Lindsay and their girl chat link up. This month they're asking what we would do with $1,000,000, wow that's a lot of money. 

I would quit work. I know that sounds dramatic because let's face it a million dollars isn't much when you live where I do. But I am super close to not needing to work, so this would allow me to do it much sooner than we thought.

Then I would pay off our house, cause wouldn't everyone do that?

Then I would put away some money for the kids college fund, which is probably most of it, by the time my kids get to college it's going to cost a fortune!

Okay not really, there will still be some left after that, I figure we'd do the adult thing and save half of whatever is left, and then other part we would probably put in a vacation fund. 

Actually I take that back, I'm going to be selfish, and go on a massive shopping spree. So let's pretend I get this money in a week, I would just get whatever I wanted at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, because we all know we want those $300 boots but always talk ourselves out of it, not this time, I would get whatever I wanted and not feel the least bit guilty. (longest run-on sentence ever).

Then AFTER the shopping spree, I would buy some window shades/coverings for our kitchen/family room. It gets direct morning light and in the summer, man it's hot! Plus where the TV is, the glare from the window makes it nearly impossible to watch tv for a good portion of the day. Every year I say this is the year we're going to get something, and every year something else comes day I will get that.

Then after that I would buy new doors for the inside of the house. The doors in our house don't match and it drives me insane. One door is all smooth, another had 4 panels, another has 6 panels, crazy I tell ya!     

Eventually we want to change our bathroom, but aren't quite ready to do that, so I would probably set aside some money to eventually do that one day.

I think that's all I would do for now, put some in a vacation fund, we are big budgeters, so it would allow us wiggle room to do more vacations, when and where we wanted, allow the kids to see the world. In the end we want our kids to be well rounded and not spoiled, to know the world, yet have compassion and love to those around them.

What would you do with 1 million dollars?


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