Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Our Weekend in 10 Photos

I figure since Shay and Erica's Workin' It Wednesday topic, is a weekend life, and after reading Stephanie's post last month about the Daily Dime link up, I knew I had to participate too, so I'm also linking up with a few other bloggers for:

These pictures are from July 8-9 , unfortunately Mini Fox was sick so we spent a LOT of time inside watching tv and relaxing. But that's life for you right?

Saturday morning started off with my new favorite class called Lifebarre

Then I got to take a leisure shower and get ready, obviously no pictures allowed in the locker room. Picked up Baby Fox at the kids academy (Mini Fox was sick so she stayed behind with Daddy at home), we headed home and then some friends came over for some swimming and dinner.

The best part, is that they can all swim so we can sit and watch and chat, we chatted about our next trip together, we're thinking Hawaii.

Sunday, Mini Fox was still sick so she did a lot of this:

I took a few hours and meal prepped for the week. Ran out of containers, so had to improvise until more containers are available this week.

Mr. helped me fix my blog, phew, glad he knew what to do.

Meanwhile, Baby Fox worked on some Lego Nexo Knight stuff.

We all needed to get out of the house, so we treated the kids to some Yogurtland, because when you get a buy one get one free you take advantage of it. Bonus: The lady gave us the coupon back so we can use it again!

But mostly this happened a good portion of the day.

We put the kids to bed and then watched our new favorite show Turn (have you seen it? It's on Netflix and it's about the revolutionary war, super interesting).

Mr. is drinking beer, I am drinking water...trying not to snack at night...so....hard.

Update: Mini Fox's fever went up to 102.7, so we're taking her into the doctors today...fingers crossed it's nothing and that she doesn't have to do any breathing treatments or antibiotics. Anyone else feel like you don't want to bother the doctor with taking them in all the time, and mostly they tell you it's a virus, it will pass, but there is that small part of you that needs to take them in, just to make sure? I hoe they don't have on their record, "that annoying mother that brings them in for a cold"

Okay, back on topic...if you want the other topics for Workin' Wednesday for the rest of the year.

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