Monday, July 24, 2017

My Favorite Workout Videos

Hey, hey, hey Foxy Friends! Oh my gosh do I have a treat for you. Have you heard of Fitness Marshall? If you haven't you are missing out. He is a guy that loves to dance, so he's put together dancing that you can follow along with but it also works your booty out. I put on his videos go for 30 minutes and I'm tired, dripping sweat and the next day my body hurts. But first....

Welcome to The Blended Blogs favorite workout videos! If you're stopping over from Nicole's blog, welcome! Here are my tried and true workout videos when I can't get to the gym, which seems to be pretty often now and days.

I recently discovered Blogilates, her videos are quick and to the point. You can target specific areas with her videos and combine them how you want. All over videos are awesome, this one is killer and it's only 17 minutes.

Have you heard for Barre? If you haen't tried it, you should! This one is a really good one, I mean my legs are SHAKING 5 minutes in, I keep thinking, this lady must be a robot, her face is always so smooth and smiling, while I'm shaking and wondering why I started doing this. It's a longer one at 40 minutes, but sometimes I'll just do as much as I can before I have to take the kids to something, or need to get ready for something.

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I've talked about R.I.P.P.E.D. a lot...if they don't have a class near you, you can do the video! This is very much like the actual class, and it totally kicks butt. It's only $7.99, can't do much better then that, and it's a good video to mix into your regular routine. This video runs about 45 minutes.

6 Best At Home Workouts

Another workout video that I really like is the 21 Day Fix , it's only 30 minutes and you get it done.

6 Workouts to Try

 And last but not least, the 30 Day Shred, it's a nice mix and there are 3 different levels, so you can start yourself off slow and work your way up to the harder DVDs, but it's nice to mix them all around.

Workout at home

Okay now onto the special treat, a few of us Blended Bloggers decided to put together our own workout video, haha! Okay not really, since we all love Fitness Marshall we decided to record ourselves doing one of his videos and put a video of our own together, haha! Fun right? Enjoy us making ourselves laugh and showing you that really anyone can do it, and it's super fun! Who cares what you look like doing it!

Now hop on over to Whitney to see what her favorite videos are. Okay now link up below with all of your favorite workout videos, I know I could put some more into rotation!

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