Thursday, October 26, 2017

3 Complete Casual Family Outfits For Your Pictures This Year

Another week and another 3 family outfits for your next family outing. Okay maybe you don't all coordinate for a normal outing, but family pictures are here and that means you need to coordinate outfits. No fear, I have 9 different family coordinating outfits. You are not going to find all white shirts and blue jeans here...let's mix it up a bit and get causal this time. Find the first three outfits here, and the next 3 outfits here and now outfits 7-9.

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Outfit #7
What should my family wear for pictures

Dad: Grey Long Sleeve Tee / Jeans / Hooded Jacket / Shoes
Mom: Maroon Blouse / Dark JeansHeels
Girl: Grey Sweater / Jeans / Fur Vest / Booties
Boy: Shirt / Jeans / Bomber Jacket / Black Converse

family outfits for photo shoot

What does it look like together? But imagine the Boy's jacket is open instead of closed.
Ideas for family outfits

Outfit #8

Things to wear for family pictures

Dad: Shirt / Jeans / Vest / Shoes
Mom: Plaid Shirt  / Jeans Booties
Boy: Shirt / Jeans / Black Jean Jacket with Hood   / Black Converse 
Girl: Lace Sweater / Jeans / Booties

And you know what the best part of the little girls outfit? The back of the shirt...where can I get one  of these for me?!

Outfit #9

Dad: SweaterJeans / Shoes
Mom:  Shirt /  Black Jeans / Fur Vest / Booties
Girl: Teal TunicFur Vest / Black Leggings / Booties
Boy: ShirtJeans / VestBlack Converse

I hope this little series helped you to find your perfect family outfits, or at least give you some ideas! Good luck finding those perfect outfits and don't forget to smile for those pictures!

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