Monday, October 16, 2017

$10 Target Haul: October Edition

Happy Monday Friends! It's that time of the month when we give you permission to go to Target and spend $10. You can tell your significant others that we gave you permission, cause that totally works right? Anyway, last month I got a bunch of stuff for Halloween and I sort of did the same this month.

I saw these little lanterns and I HAD to have them, they were calling my name. I had no idea how I was going to use them, but for $3 each, they were mine!

Then they had that little cute skeleton and I had to bring him home too, thinking I could hang him in the corning of the room, only it turns out he was small. So I moved him to by the table with the lanterns. I have something else for this wall, but have to put it together still, I'll show you on Friday.

So how much did I spend?

Lanterns: $3 each for a total of $6
Skeleton: $3

Total: $9.83

Under the budget again, woo hoo! So what did you get with your $10? Go see what the other ladies got with their $10.

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