Wednesday, October 4, 2017

3 Fall Outfits

Happy Wednesday Foxy Friends! Hope you are all having a great week. I have a bit of a sore throat, but am hoping that it goes away by the weekend, too much fun to be had this weekend! Getting a two for one today. I'm linking up with Anne from Anne In Residence and her monthly "currently" where she gives you the topics to talk about. This time her cohost is Dana of Something Good, this month the prompts are stylingsavingsearchingpicking, and making. Which works out perfectly for what I'm about to talk about.

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I've mentioned this a few times, but this month I am participating in the Common Threads Challenge, where we pick 5 things from our closet and then each day have to use one of those 5 things and pick our outfit around that.

Wondering what I picked? Wait no longer, here are the 5 things I picked.
Black and Whit Striped Skirt (Similar) / Burgundy Tee / Black Blazer / Skinny Jeans / Booties (Similar and 50% off!) /

So we're three days into this thing and these are the three outfits I've chosen so far. Sorry, you're only going to get a full outfit one or two of the days, as the other days, I am working and don't have time to take a full picture, and I don't have a mirror that I can take a picture with. The one that I have I would be shooting into the sun, so you would see a whole lot of bathroom and not much of me. haha.

Day 1:

Simple outfit for a day doing errands and cooking.

Skirt / Tee (color: green berry) / Shoes (Similar)

Day 2: 

Grey Pants (similar) / Tee / Heels (Similar)

Day 3:

Dress (similar but long sleeve version)  / Cardigan (Similar) / Booties


Hopefully money because I am remixing my closet up.


For the perfect desk for our bedroom. It will also serve as a background to my Youtube videos. I'm thinking about getting this.


Nothing at the moment. Pumpkins in a couple of weeks? Does that count?


I'm making a Wine Pull for a fundraiser I'm helping with on Saturday. Full details when I get my act together. Oh and if you don't know what a Wine Pull is, you label wine corks with a number, and then have a cute way to display, and people pay x amount of dollars to pull a wine cork and then they receive a wine bottle that has that number that you pulled. Many I have to get my act to start this! At least I bought all of the stuff to do the project?

So what are you doing currently?

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